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thousand "prog"
70 minutes

track listing (artist -title): colongib -agent tingle, jack schaefer -here, legion of green men -steppin on the green giant, kid606 -over and under (tnk), under the big tree -in my way did i use you, chuck miller -1k mix, phthalocyanine -impasto beard, electric company -tangle tinge, lexaunculpt -mmt8 rearrangement, eM -gently gigantic, thermal -gengi monogatari, blectum from blechdom -rumpfed runyon (excerpt)

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picture the frame: an identical sample bank is provided to each of the contributing artists as building blocks for their own creation. some knew the source, some no inkling. most of this album was played in the 1970’s. electronica conjures an image: the ‘bedroom bartok’ huddled over his mac, tweaking sampler, software, and gear.

is the aphex twin the gentle giant of this decade? prog wasn’t exactly cut and paste but a sharp razor and a sense of humor must have done wonders. think about it. this is not pop. in the early 70’s it was achieved through sheer virtuosity of composition and performance; they were musicians. rock music is entering its sixth decade. yet progressive isn’t static - prog is; this creative process is no longer a physical sport but a computer activity. now they explore sound through construction, weaving linear time frames with digital waveforms, or tying knots in this case. the results herein were all achieved from the same kitchen.

following the drill. thirteen electronic artists from north america create new music from samples of one of prog rock's giants. cd mastered by mark gage in vapourspace. for your listening pleasure from your friends at thousand.