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Canada's finest sons. From their early days copping Led Zep riffs, through the kimono "prog" era, and onto mainstream acceptance and platinum success in the 80s, Rush has defied all odds, remaining true to their spirit, music and fans.

Founded: 1969

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Website: Rush | HOME

Rush R40 Live

Rush releases its R40 Live concert set, November 20th. Here's a real gem:


Rustic Hinge

After Brown left to form Kingdom Come, the rest of the Crazy World continued on as Rustic Hinge, before morphing into High Tide. Their lone recording was released some twenty years later.

Founded: 1969

Location: England

Rutherford, Mike

Founding member of Genesis released two solo albums in the early 80s, before venturing off the progressive map with the hugely successful Mike + The Mechanics side project.

Founded: 1950

Location: Guildford, Surrey

Website: Mike and The Mechanics


Led by Dave Lawson, the reminants of Web were rechristened for one eponymous album, a classic of the era.

Founded: 1971

Location: England


Led by Józef Skrzek, SBB were first known as Silesian Blues Band, and later as Szukaj, Burz, Buduj (Polish for "Search, Break up, Build"). SBB were Poland's progressive rock band.

Founded: 1971

Location: Siemianowice, Poland

Website: SBB Official Site Of Band

Schicke Führs & Fröhling

Founded: 1974

Location: Oldenburg, Germany

Website: Schicke Führs Fröhling (SFF) Homepage

Sebastian Hardie

Australian progressive rock band that had some international notoriety.

Founded: 1973

Location: Sydney, Australia

Website: Sebastian Hardie

Secret Oyster

Burnin Red Ivanhoe, led by Karsten Vogel, was one of Denmark's finest rock groups. Secret Oyster enlisted guitarist Klaus Bohling and took a jazz-fusion direction.

Founded: 1972

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Website: karstenvogel.dk

Sensations' Fix

Led by Franco Falsini, Sensations' Fix music had more in common with the krautrock of Germany than anything Italian!

Founded: 1974

Location: Florence, Italy

Website: Facebook