The definitive progressive rock record guide

book coverCover art by Matt Howarth


The Strawberry Bricks Guide To Progressive Rock
by Charles Snider
364 pages
ISBN 978-0-6151-7566-9
Published by Lulu.com

Dig out that long lost box of vinyl records, slap on some headphones and travel back to the 1970s. Here's your definitive guide to progressive rock, with band histories, musical synopses and critical commentary, all presented in the historical context of a timeline. Album by album, we'll chart each release from the giant dinosaurs of the era and uncover eccentric Eurorock obscurities as we create the ultimate head music playlist. We'll trip through concept records, indulgent solos and epic album-side long compositions in a definitive reappraisal of rock's most cerebral and renowned genre. The candid prologue and epilogue offer one of the most coherent portraits of the progressive rock era, while the discography details offshoots, solo albums, side projects and more. From the British kings of prog, to the eclectic Italian progressives, heady German krautrock artists and European jazz fusion groups - it's all inside!

Navigating the topographic oceans, surviving the brain salad surgery and in general making sense of the dense, incredibly ambitious, and so often misunderstood or unfairly denigrated genre of progressive rock is a difficult task, but Charles Snider accomplishes it with the insight of the very best rock critics combined with the infectious enthusiasm of the most devoted fans.
- Jim DeRogatis, Sound Opinions & Chicago Sun-Times

Snider presents his personal analysis on what defines the genre's foundation, in all its varied hues, through detailed examinations of select albums from the definitive "golden age" period. He cites examples both well known and obscure in offering a broad depiction of prog rock's origins. This volume is a very worthy contribution to any prog aficionado's reference library.
- John Collinge, Progression Magazine

Strawberry Bricks is an excellent synopsis of the MUST HAVES of progressive rock. A great book for someone to share with a fan that is new to the genre- It would save them years of picking up the info online or be a great suppliment to it. It also makes a great read for the well versed fan too as there is much info about each album within and just seeing them all in one spot is a great idea. Highly suggested!
- Sean Tonar, Progressiveears.com

Progressive rock - was it something that came and went with the 1970s, or something that still exists? In his book, Charles Snider puts credit where credit is due: with the musicians that defined the genre. It's a great overview of all the important groups and releases of the era, providing facts that are hard to find even in artist biographies. An excellent companion to any prog rock music collection.
- Angelo Hulshout, ProgArchives.com

Artists covered in the book: Daevid Allen, Amon Düül II, Jon Anderson, Ange, Aphrodite's Child, Area, A.R. & Machines, Ashra, Atomic Rooster, Kevin Ayers, Il Balletto di Bronzo, Banco Del Mutuo Soccorrso, Barclay James Harvest, Franco Battiato, The Beatles, David Bedford, Beggars Opera, Birth Control, Tim Blake, Brand X, Arthur Brown Arthur & Vincent Crane, Bill Bruford, Camel, Can, Caravan, Clearlight, Colosseum, Curved Air, Deep Purple, Earth & Fire, Egg, Eloy, Embryo, Emerson Lake & Palmer, The Enid, Fairport Convention, Family, Far East Family Band, Faust, Finch, Flash, Focus, Fripp & Eno, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Giles Giles & Fripp, Gong, Greenslade, Grobschnitt, Gryphon, Guru Guru, Steve Hackett, Peter Hammill, Bo Hansson, Happy The Man, Hatfield And The North, Hawkwind, Heldon, Henry Cow, Steve Hillage, Hoelderlin, Michael Hoenig, Jade Warrior, Jean Michel Jarre, Jethro Tull, Kansas, Khan, King Crimson, Kingdom Come, Kraan, Kraftwerk, Led Zeppelin, The Long Hello, Magma, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Matching Mole, McDonald and Giles, Pierre Moerlen's Gong, The Moody Blues, National Health, Nektar, The New Trolls, The Nice, Nova, Novalis, Mike Oldfield, Le Orme, Osanna, Passport, Anthony Phillips, Pink Floyd, Popol Vuh, Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM), The Pretty Things, Procol Harum, Quatermass, Quiet Sun, Rare Bird, Renaissance, Rush, Schicke Führs & Fröhling, Sea Level, Sebastian Hardie, Sensations' Fix, Pete Sinfield, Soft Machine, Chris Squire, Starcastle, Steeleye Span, Strawbs, Supertramp, Synergy, Tangerine Dream, Tempest, Tomorrow, Traffic, Triumvirat, U.K., Uriah Heep, Utopia, Van Der Graaf Generator, Vangelis, Rick Wakeman, Wallenstein, The Who, Wigwam, Darryl Way's Wolf, Robert Wyatt, Stomu Yamashta, Yes and Frank Zappa.

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