The definitive progressive rock record guide

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Coming on April 22, 2017

“Navigating the topographic oceans, surviving the brain salad surgery and in general making sense of the dense, incredibly ambitious, and so often misunderstood or unfairly denigrated genre of progressive rock is a difficult task, but Charles Snider accomplishes it with the insight of the very best rock critics combined with the infectious enthusiasm of the most devoted fans.”
- Jim DeRogatis, Music Critic & co-host of Sound Opinions

The Strawberry Bricks Guide To Progressive Rock
Revised and Expanded Edition
by Charles Snider
ISBN: 978-0578189024

Release Date: April 22, 2017

  • Reviews of 469 albums from 1967 - 1982
  • Exclusive interviews with 16 artists from the progressive era
  • Fully edited, proofread and fact-checked
  • 614 pages

The definitive record guide to the progressive era of rock music, Strawberry Bricks presents a standard discography of music from artists around the globe. Beginning in 1967 and continuing through 1982, a generation of musicians took rock music in directions unforeseen as they charted what would become known as progressive rock. This edition also includes exclusive interviews with a host of musicians of the era, providing proof that progressive rock was indeed the music of a generation. From art rock to krautrock, from England to Italy and all across Europe, Strawberry Bricks offers a candid reappraisal of rock’s most cerebral genre.

“This was a special time for creativity and originality in rock music, started in my view, by The Beatles.”
- Dave Stewart, Egg, Hatfield and the North, Bruford

“I didn’t like Yes and Genesis. Their music was too complicated for me. Conny Plank named it ‘College Rock’ one day.”
- Joachim “Eroc” Ehrig, Grobschnitt