What's going on with the website?
The website has been updated with a new Mobile-friendly theme! Thank you to everyone who has purchased the 3rd edition of the book.
last update: 2023-12-11

Are you writing a new book?
Yes, The Strawberry Bricks Companion will be a curated and annotated discography of the artists and groups covered in the timeline, 1967 to present. Due hopefully sometime in 2025.

Where can I purchase the book?
The book is available for individual purchase through your country's Amazon website, including local shipping and Prime benefits: Amazon.com (US) | Amazon.co.uk (UK) | Amazon.ca (CA) | Amazon.de (DE) | Amazon.fr (FR) | Amazon.es (ES) | Amazon.it (IT) | Amazon.jp (JP) | Amazon.com.au (AU)

What are the differences between the three editions of the book?
Foremost, the Third Edition is in print! Please see the chart below detailing the differences between editions.

What is the website all about?
It is a record guide to music of the progressive era of rock music. It charts and follows the music from a discrete generation of men, mostly released in the mid to late 60s and onto the early 80s, the so-called "classic" era of progressive rock.

What is Strawberry Bricks?
Strawberry Bricks was a timeline poster first printed in 1991 documenting "twenty-five years of progressive art rock". The internet was nascent in those days yet the project succeeded on a few levels, including going out of print. Fast-forward to 2000, and Strawberry Bricks reinvented itself on the world wide web at its home site www.strawberrybricks.com The book first edition of the book saw publication in 2007, the second edition in 2017 and the third edition in 2020. The basic tenant however still prevails: the document of a record collection.

Okay, but what does "Strawberry Bricks" mean?
It's a quote from Jon Anderson of Yes, in response to a question regarding what category Yes music fit into. Click here to listen.

Who is Charles Snider?
He is the author of The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock and webmaster of this website. You can read more about him here.

What are the Portraits?
Exclusive interviews Charles has conducted with artists from the timeline, with caricature art from Steven "Plastic Crimewave" Krakow. The Second Edition of the book included some 16 of these insightful interviews that help paint a "portrait" of how these various artists grew up and what influences forged their music. Expect a lot more in the future!

Why does the timeline end in 1982?
That's the scope of this site, the so-called "classic" era of progressive rock.

Where do you get the discography information?
The primary source for discography data on this website is Discogs.com via their API. This information is shared via a public domain license. More information about Discogs.com and their API may be obtained here.

Is this a commercial website?
No, Strawberrybricks.com is strictly a not-for-profit venture. Donations may be made through the Paypal block on the right.

What happened to the domain progressiverock.com?
The domain name progressiverock.com was sold on August 31st, 2020. It is no longer affiliated with strawberrybricks.com.

Did Matt Howarth publish a companion sci-fantasy novel to the record guide?
Yes. From Matt: "Progression (is) an exciting adventure that combines fantasy, heroics and progressive music in an epic tale. Angler is a dashing swashbuckler who believes he's visiting imaginary realms inside his own head. But after rescuing a talkative scarecrow, the boy discovers that these universes are not only real, but they appear to be based on old prog rock albums. In a reluctant alliance with a cryptic wizard named Uriah Marx, Angler must travel far and wide to rescue his imaginary girlfriend and defeat the insidious Noise League before they can deafen everyone. Expect a solid blend of humor and action in this entertaining gem." It comes highly recommended and is also available from Lulu.com.

Did you participate in a radio broadcast about progressive rock?
Yes, Charles was featured on Sound Opinions show #207, first broadcasted November 13th, 2009: "School of Prog Rock: Jim and Greg explore the fantastical world of Progressive Rock with Charles Snider, author of The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock." You can listen to the show here or download a podcast of the show here.

What was that KNOTS CD compilation? Can I still purchase it?
Electronica made with Gentle Giant samples. Yes, via Paypal. Check out the details here.

Who designed the website?
The site was designed by Ajenda Interactive Media and special thanks goes out to Robert Gomez for his expertise. Charles Snider is the webmaster.

How do I contact Strawberry Bricks?
The aim of the site is to be a definitive resource for progressive rock and your comments are always welcome. Please use the Contact Form for any inquiry.

Copyright notice:
This website and its content are the copyright of Charles Snider/Strawberrybricks.com © 2011-2024. All rights reserved. Use of the website is subject to Terms of Use. All lyrics quoted are for review, study or critical purposes. All images are used under the assumption of fair use. If found otherwise, please contact the webmaster for corrective action.

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