Happy New Year!

Happy 2019. Thank you to all that purchased the book over the holidays, and to everyone following me on Facebook. I'm going to put the book out of print in April 2019, and split it into two editions: The Record Guide - the timeline of 500 albums - will be available again in late 2019.
I will now dedicate my efforts to interviewing as many artists as I can (maybe 50-75 is a good number?) for a new Portraits-only edition in 2020 or beyond. If you don't know, Portraits are my interviews with artists of the progressive "generation," in which they describe their early years and career beginnings to help us understand what drove them to create the music we love.

** I got a recent review on Amazon where the reader reported that 30 pages were missing from the book. That's a misprint, which Amazon will promptly correct. **