Hawkwind Postpones US Tour until March 2014

Just in, Hawkwind has postponed their upcoming US tour due to Dave Brock's ill health, their statement from Facebook:

"As many of you will now be aware, Dave was taken ill a couple of weeks ago. Doctors have confirmed that his condition is stress related, aggravated by the trademark dispute in the United States which could result in years of litigation.

After enduring a series of tests, Dave has now been advised that it could be dangerous to his health to embark on a grueling 14,000 mile tour at this time.

After much discussion about possible ways forward, the members of the band have reluctantly decided that it is necessary to reschedule the dates to March 2014, rather than putting Dave's health at unnecessary risk. (New dates for each venue will be announced next week)

Whilst we understand that this will come as a big disappointment to those of you who have booked tickets, as it does to ourselves, we are equally sure that you will understand health concerns must take priority.

Totally gutted!"

I'm completely pissed about the entire legal battle over the Hawkwind name. It is utterly pointless at this time in all of their respective careers and backtracking to persue. My best wishes to Dave for a speedy recovery.

As for Turner, he and his agents filed an application to for the "intent to use" the Hawkwind name in November of 2012. The pertinent documents can be downloaded here and Turner's response here. This application for intent to use is currently under reivew by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.