Keith Emerson, RIP

Very sad news to report, Keith Emerson took his life today, Friday March 11th at his home in Santa Monica, CA. Evidently the keyboardist suffered neurological damage to his right hand which subsequently led to depression. Truly heartbreaking.
If one were to to single out an artist that defined progressive rock, it very well could have been Keith. His inspiration from Jimi Hendrix to bring guitar histrionics to the keyboard are legend, as of course the tones he brought from the Hammond organ. The was after all, with those 60s roots with Gary Farr and the T-Bones and PP Arnold, from the generation of the showman. Both The Nice and Emerson, Lake & Palmer were singular in their novel approach to rock music, combining equal parts of classical inspiration, bombast and humour to create the epic works that we now know as prog rock.
Rest in peace, dear Keith.