Prog Kerfuffle

The Enid's Robert John Godfrey recently announced his retirement from touring due to health reasons, and also took the opportunity to "take a swipe at prog musos", including one Steven Wilson. To quote Mr. Godfrey, “The thing that pisses me off so much about the prog scene is that it is “all about” muso rock. It’s all about people like Steve Wilson who possess all the talent and all the production genius (and has made a great name for himself) … but who offer absolutely no content that is memorable or meaningful. And Steve Wilson is just one of a whole range of musos.” According to Urban Dictionary, a muso is someone obsessed with music, so not sure about his choice of word there. But while I may agree that Mr. Wilson has not created a catalog that is memorable or meaningful, I also can't say that Mr. Godfrey has created one either. But it makes great headlines, something that Teamrock took no time at all to dive into!