Reviews for the Third Edition

Reviews for the third edition of The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive rock (will be updated).

Totally missed this review! Thank you Pete Pardo and Sea of Tranquility!

"What really works with this book is Snider’s consistently succinct style. Few words are wasted. In a few short paragraphs per entry he manages to provide historical context of the musicians involved, describe tracks, and critically evaluate the music before summarising later projects. There’s a wry familiarity which emphasizes what is clearly a deep love for the music covered." - Phil Howitt, Facelift

"500 excellent essays that merge album reviews with band histories, and then mash that into an over-arching chronological framework to not only trace the genre’s “rise” and “fall,” but also the vast parameters that it was capable of embracing." - Dave Thompson, Goldmine Magazine

"Each of the over 500 entries is lovingly annotated with insightful breakdowns of each subject, which resulted in me reacquainting myself with many albums I hadn't thought about in years. Whether you are the novice getting your cape dirty for the first time, or a seasoned veteran who enjoys a fresh perspective, this is your mountain to climb." - Eric Reidelberger, Ugly Things Magazine

"...I am ready to explore the third edition of this arguably greatest book on the progressive rock." - Leonardo Pavkovic, MoonJune Records

"American writer and record collector Charles Snider keeps the writing fresh throughout his musical journey, and his choices can be pleasantly surprising. This is a convincing personal choice presented with critical acuity and a fan's enthusiasm." - Mike Barnes, Prog Magazine (108)

"In summary, this is an excellent, innovative and scholarly approach that analyzes the timeline of the progressive rock era. - Peter Thelen, Expose Magazine