RIP, Roye Albrighton of Nektar

From Nektar member Derek "Mo" Moore,

"Nektar guitarist Roye Albrighton dies after a long illness.
It is with a heavy Heart I have to report that our music brother Roye Albrighton,after a long illness, died last night in Poole Dorset. His organs just gave out on him. He was fighting against the infection that grasped him until he could fight no more.
We have had our differences over the years but our respect for each other has always been strong. I would say he was in the top 5 guitarists of the last 5 decades. We were both strong personalities and pushed each other to do better and go forward all the time, to go further and further. We were both blessed to play together with Ron Howden, Taff Freeman and Mick Brockett our light musician and occasionally synthesizer pioneer Larry Fast, . Over the years other musicians took to the stage to prolong our legacy with Roye and Ron in the forefront. We are all stunned.
Roye, wherever you are, know that through all I have always loved you as a brother. There is a hole in the universe. I was always hoping we would get together one last time but always pushed it forward. Now that will have to be put on hold."

RIP Roye