Robin Lumley, RIP

Robin Lumley, a founding member of Brand X, passed away yesterday from heart failure. His Marscape and Peter And The Wolf were two albums I had prior to his work in Brand X. My condolences to his family and friends.
This is from his bandmate Percy Jones:

"Rob Lumley's health took a sudden turn for the worse a week ago. He went into hospital in Derriford, near his home in Tavistock, Devon, UK, for a quick operation, which had been scheduled, when he had heart failure. The bad news came in that same afternoon on March 9 th.
We've lost a friend and a great composer, and one of the main reasons that Brand X actually existed. Pete Bonas often referred to him as a “little instigating monkey”, who got the band to regroup as a four piece and part company with Island records. Even John, who had initially wanted to stick with the holdovers at Island, eventually was convinced to move when he realized that Rob had Phil Collins by his side, and was determined to make a deal over at Charisma records. Rob was good at wheeling and dealing, much better than John or I. He had a good business sense when it came to protecting the band's interests.
Robin had been living in Perth, Australia for decades with his wife Debra. He eventually moved back to the UK to retire on Dartmoor, and be near his daughter Jo. Still we never lost sight of each other over the years.
Those of you who have followed the band's recent struggles know that Rob and I got together to publicly call an end to Brand X and retire the band after John Goodsall died. Recently a few people have asked me to reconsider that decision, but I know in my heart that it was the right call. On that note I want to ask you all to join me in denouncing the tasteless and disrespectful abuse by the band's former managers who are continuing to steal our name and reputation on Facebook. It's illegal and needs to stop.
Rob and I, in the past couple of months, have filed detailed legal documents to secure the status of Brand X with respect to what can or cannot be done with our work in the future. I wish things hadn't come to this but they have.
Please join his lifelong friend and collaborator Jack Lancaster, our friend Danny Wilding, Rob's wife Debra, his daughter Jo, his friend Joe Whittaker, and myself, in paying our final respects to Robin, the musician, band mate, friend and creator.
Our Brand X website will be telling his story for his fans. www.therealbrandx.com.
Robin Lumley 1948-2023."