Albrighton, Roye

Nektar guitarist and vocalist has released just one solo record.

Founded: 1949

Location: Coventry, England

Website: Roye Albrighton

Allen, Daevid

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aka Dingo Virgin, El Alien, Bert Camembert, Zero, etc... Daevid Allen is one of the most longstanding, colorful and prolific artists of the progressive era. Leaving his native Australia in the early 1960s, Allen had already experienced the beats of Paris before arriving in Canterbury, where as luck would have it, he ended up as a border at Honor Wyatt's home. In between trips to Majorca, Spain, the Soft Machine was eventually born at the very beginning of London's underground era. Allen was left in France, but only to witness the student riots of 1968.

Founded: 1938

Location: Melborne, Australia




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Almost single-handedly, Anglagard reinvigorated the prog rock genre with their 1992 debut Hybris.

Founded: 1991

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Website: Anglagard.net - Änglagård: A Swedish prog rock band


Founded: 1971

Location: London, England

Website: Welcome to the Official Camel Website

Castello di Atlante, Il

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Although formed in 1974, Il Castello Di Atlante did not release any albums until the early 1990s. Beppe Crovella of Arti & Mestieri produced their first record, and the band continues strong as a potent live act today.

Founded: 1974

Location: Vercelli, Piedmont, Italy

Website: Il Castello di Atlante - Italian Progressive Rock since 1974

Fairport Convention

For those interested in British folk rock, look no further.

Founded: 1967

Location: London, England

Website: Fairport Convention's official website

Gabriel, Peter

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Founding member of Genesis, Peter Gabriel left after their epic Lamb Lies Down On Broadway album for a solo career. After being dropped by Atco, Mercury Records released his ground-breaking third album in 1980, and since then his career has taken off in ways unimaginable, both artistically and commercially. Gabriel also runs his Real World studio and record label, dedicated assisting musicians from all over the world reach audiences outside their native geography. A truly visionary artist.

Founded: 1950

Location: Chobham, Surrey, England

Website: Peter Gabriel



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Refused entry to the UK, former Soft Machiner Daevid Allen remained in France and started Gong. Their earliest recordings take a cue from Barrett-era Floyd, but the hypnotic Continental Circus is underrated. Always maintaining a fluid line-up, things congealed enough for the classic Radio Gnome trilogy of albums. By 1975 however, Allen and Smyth headed down to Majorca, and the silliness subsided. Eventually Pierre Moerlen took over the helm, veering off into a full-fledged fusion outfit.

Founded: 1969

Location: Paris, France

Website: Planet Gong: Cyber-home of Gong, GAS and Gliss

Göttsching, Manuel

One of the true pioneers of what would eventually be called techno, house, electronic etc. His work as a solo artist represents some of the most seminal works from the progressive era.

Founded: 1952

Location: Berlin, Germany

Website: Ashra - The Official Website