Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso

One of the great (and original) Italian prog bands, propelled by the keyboards of brothers Noncenzi and the tenor voice of Di Giacomo.

Founded: 1971

Location: Rome, Italy

Website: The Official BMS Home Page

Banks, Tony

Genesis keyboardist and composer

Founded: 1950

Location: East Hoathly, East Sussex, England

Barclay James Harvest

Musically, not far off the map from the Moody Blues, Barclay James Harvest led a very long and prolific career releasing mildly progressive music.

Founded: 1967

Location: Oldham, Lancashire, England

Website: Barclay James Harvest

Bedford, David

Classical music composer best known for his work with Kevin Ayers and Mike Oldfield.

Founded: 1937

Location: London, England

Website: David Bedford - Impulse

Bocquet, Roland

Keyboard player from Catharsis did soundtrack work in the 80s and beyond

Bowie, David

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With a career spanning several decades and dozens of musical styles, David Bowie remains the man that put art into art rock. His "Berlin Trilogy" with Brian Eno should be of keen interest to fans of the progressive era.

Founded: 1947

Location: Brixton, London, England

Website: David Bowie

Brand X

While notorious for having Phil Collins in its ranks, Brand X rates as one of England's premiere jazz-fusion groups, hosting some of the countries' finest musicians in its ranks.

Founded: 1975

Location: London, England

Website: Buckyball Records Brand X


Led by its namesake, Bill Bruford of course, the band was his post-U.K. fusion outfit.

Founded: 1976

Location: London, England

Website: Bill Bruford

Calvert, Robert

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Best known for his role in Hawkwind, the mercurial Robert Newton Calvert also recorded a pair of solo albums in the mid 70s with producer Brian Eno. Upon his departure in 1979 and up until his death in 1988, his work comprised mainly on stage plays and poetry, but his moody, electronic work was certainly of its time.

Founded: 1945

Location: Pretoria, South Africa

Website: Robert Calvert - the spirit of the p/age