Self proclaimed "International POPular Group", Area were Italy's finest fusion band, featuring the unique vocals talents of Demetrio Stratos.

Founded: 1972

Location: Milan, Italy


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Hailing from Baden Baden, Brainstorm featured the talents of future Guru Guru man Roland Schaeffer.

Founded: 1970

Location: Baden Baden, Germany

Brand X

While notorious for having Phil Collins in its ranks, Brand X rates as one of England's premiere jazz-fusion groups, hosting some of the countries' finest musicians in its ranks.

Founded: 1975

Location: London, England

Website: Buckyball Records Brand X

Brand X reforms

Original members John Goodsall, Percy Jones and Kenwood Dennard have reformed Brand X and a tour this Fall is in the making. See you in Chicago!



Led by its namesake, Bill Bruford of course, the band was his post-U.K. fusion outfit.

Founded: 1976

Location: London, England

Website: Bill Bruford

Colosseum II

Latter-day outfit from Jon Hiseman, known for good musicians and unspectacular music.

Founded: 1975

Location: London, England

Website: Welcome to Temple-Music

Corrado Rustici Trio Blaze and Bloom, Live in Japan CD/DVD

Available now from Corrado's website, exclusive CD/DVD set!


Corrado Rustici Trio Live in Japan album due

Italian legend Corrado Rustici of Nova fame will be releasing an album from his 2010 tour of Japan. Here's the promo clip of the upcoming album "Live in Japan" by Corrado Rustici Trio. Starring Corrado Rustici (gtr), Steve Smith (drs) and Peter Vettese (keys).



Founded: 1970

Location: Stuttgart, Germany


Led by drummer Christian Burchard, Embryo was part of the fertile fusion of new music coming from Munich in the late 60s. The band's roots were in jazz, first supporting Mal Waldron, while the 70s saw Charlie Mariano join up for several albums. The band then traveled east, absorbing Middle-Eastern, Arab and Indian music into their unique brand of fusion, releasing albums to this day. Other key members were Edgar Hoffmann and Roman Bunka.

Founded: 1969

Location: Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Website: EMBRYO's Homepage