Led by drummer Christian Burchard, Embryo was part of the fertile fusion of new music coming from Munich in the late 60s. The band's roots were in jazz, first supporting Mal Waldron, while the 70s saw Charlie Mariano join up for several albums. The band then traveled east, absorbing Middle-Eastern, Arab and Indian music into their unique brand of fusion, releasing albums to this day. Other key members were Edgar Hoffmann and Roman Bunka.

Founded: 1969

Location: Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Website: EMBRYO's Homepage


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Founded: 1973

Location: London, England

Hattler, Hellmut

Bassist for Kraan, one of the world's finest.

Founded: 1952

Location: Ulm, Germany

Website: HATTLER

Holdsworth, Allan

One of the progressive era's most recognizable guitarists, Allan Holdsworth has had a journeyman's career in the music world. During the 70s, he played for Igginbottom, Sunship, Nucleus, Tempest, Gong, The New Tony Williams Lifetime, Jean Luc Ponty, Soft Machine, U.K., and Bruford.

Founded: 1946

Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

Website: The Real Allan Holdsworth


Gary Boyle's jazz-rock fusion band.

Founded: 1972

Location: London, England

Website: Gary Boyle On Myspace

Jack Lancaster And Robin Lumley

A precursor to Brand X

Founded: 1976

Location: London, England


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Happiest band from Germany. When will the "jam band" audience find them?

Founded: 1970

Location: Berlin, Germany

Website: Homepage der Band Kraan

Leb i Sol

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Featuring the guitar work of Vlatko Stefanowski, the Macedonian based Leb i Sol ("bread and salt") were one of Yugoslavia's best known fusion groups.

Founded: 1976

Location: Skopje, Macedonia, Yugoslavia

Website: lebisolofficial.com


One of the many amazing albums recorded by Conny Plank during the 1970s. This one included members of Kraan, Harmonia and a young Asmus Tietchens.

Founded: 1977

Location: Germany

Mahavishnu Orchestra

Founded by guitarist John McLaughlin after his stint with Tony Williams Lifetime, Mahavishnu were perhaps the most successful fusion band, both artistically and commercially.

Founded: 1971

Location: New York City, New York