All That Might Have Been

Artist: Peter Hammill
Label: Fie!
Catalog#: 9137X
Format: CD
Country: United Kingdom
Released: 2014-11
1 In overview  
2 The last time  
3 Never wanted  
4 As for him  
5 Nowhere special  
6 Piper Smile  
7 Wanted to belong  
8 This might  
9 Inklings, darling  
10 Be careful  
11 Alien Clock  
12 Drifting through  
13 Washed up  
14 Rumpled sheets  
15 Fool-proof  
16 Can't get home  
17 Washed away  
18 Back road  
19 The line goes dead  
20 He turns away  
21 Hooks  

None listed.


Both Cine and Retro discs run continuously, even though individual scenes/segments have the titles given here....
A special edition 3-CD box set is also available. This contains the main, cinematic, CD as well as one in which the individual songs are presented in more conventional fashion. The third CD is a stripped down instrumental collage.

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