And That's Jazz: Live 1971-1973

Artist: Patto
Label: Beyond Before
Catalog#: BB115
Format: CD, DVD
Country: UK
Released: 2021
1 Hold Me Back  
2 Holy Toledo  
3 Singing The Blues On Reds  
4 My Days Are Numbered  
5 Them Me Where You've Been  
6 I'm Baroque  
7 Shmairway Of Shmove  
8 Flat Footed Woman  
9 Turn Turtle  
10 Peter Abraham  
11 Loud Green Song  
DVD-1 The Man  
DVD-2 San Antone  
DVD-3 Time To Die  
DVD-4 I'm Only An Egg  
DVD-5 Money Bag  

Bernie Holland - Bass
Clive Griffiths - Bass
John Halsey - Drums
Mike Patto - Electric Piano
Ollie Halsall - Electric Piano
Ollie Halsall - Guitar
Dave Brooks - Saxello
Mike Patto - Vocals


Disc One Recoded live at The Torrington Finchley, London, January 21, 1973. Disc Two tracks 1-2 "Beat Club" session January 1971m Tracks 3-5 "Pop Deux" broadcast March 6, 1971.
Dedicated to the memories of Ollie Halsall and Mike Patto, And conceived with love for all the Patto freaks worldwide.

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