Artist: Grobschnitt
Label: Brain
Catalog#: BRAIN 2/1050
Format: Vinyl
Country: Germany
Released: 1974-04
A1 Sahara 5:33
A2 Nickel-Odeon 9:14
A3 Drummer's Dream 6:11
B1 Morning Song 5:42
B2 Magic Train 13:20
C Solar-Music, Part 1 17:28
D Solar-Music, Part 2 15:58

Bass - Bernhard Uhlemann
Bass - Bär
Drums, Percussion, Electronics - Eroc
Drums, Percussion, Electronics - Joachim Ehrig
Engineer - Dieter Dierks
Keyboards - Mist (10)
Keyboards - Volker Kahrs
Lead Guitar - Gerd-Otto Kühn
Lead Guitar - Lupo
Lead Vocals, Guitar - Stefan Danielak
Lead Vocals, Guitar - Wildschwein
Producer - Frank Mille
Vocals - Eroc
Vocals - Joachim Ehrig
Written-By - Grobschnitt


All credits on rear are given in lower cases.
Published by Slezak Music, Hamburg.
Recorded at Dierks Tonstudio, Stommeln, 19.-24.2.74.
Tony Moff Mollo (from "Moff Mollo And The Schmirgelfires")
Porneaux (Alias "John Mc Bügel" from Scotland)
El Blindo
Comes in a foldout cover. Original release with green Brain labels.

Strawberry Bricks Entry: 
Hailing from Hagen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Grobschnitt was formed by drummer Joachim "Eroc" Ehrig in 1971. Eroc was previously in a beat-era band called The Crew, with lead guitarist Gerd-Otto "Lupo" Kuhn and vocalist/guitarist Stefan "Wildschwein" Danielak. An interim group Charing Cross added bassist Bernhard "Bär" Uhlemann and a second drummer Axel "Felix" Harlos, but by May, they had changed their name to Kapelle Elias Grobschnitt, later shortened to Grobschnitt ("rough cut") after a brand of tobacco. Their self-titled debut album was released in early 1972 on Brain Records and delivered an infectious blend of heavy jamming and psychedelic weirdness. Prior to their second album, Volker "Mist" Kahrs joined on keyboards, replacing Hermann "Quecksilber" Quetting. His addition would prove to be the catalyst in the development of band's symphonic signature. Released by Brain in April 1974, the double-album Ballerman opens with "Sahara;" it's exactly this type of lunacy that would hallmark Grobschnitt's live performances, always interspersed with comedic sketches from band members and roadies alike. "Nickel-Odeon" next kicks off with a grinding Hammond and trebly bass; Grobschnitt don't quite have the arrangement precision of their British counterparts, but their music is all the more organic for it. The track draws some similarities to what Yes were doing a few years earlier, and it's certainly as spirited and energetic. Immediately evident is the bane of most German rock groups: English-language vocals. Whether you dig Wildschwein's accented singing (I absolutely do) or not, you may not fall anywhere in between. While a nod is in order to their British counterparts, the remainder of the first record is first-rate prog rock: Both melodic and symphonic, it stands uniquely as Grobschnitt. But hold onto your pants: the album's second disc contains Grobschnitt's stunning instrumental achievement "Solar Music." Presented first as "Suntrip" on their debut record, the suite would be the apex of their concerts. Although the analogy to long-form Pink Floyd is bound to reverberate, Grobschnitt are just as talented. For nearly 30 minutes, they hover at stasis; locked high into a musical stratosphere, providing a wildly original take on space rock. Essential listening!
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