The Book Of Taliesyn

Artist: Deep Purple
Label: Tetragrammaton Records
Catalog#: T-107
Format: Vinyl
Country: United States
Released: 1968-10-00
A1 Listen, Learn, Read On 4:02
A2 Hard Road 5:15
A3 Kentucky Woman 4:43
A4A Exposition 6:66
A4B We Can Work It Out  
B1 The Shield 6:00
B2 Anthem 5:29
B3 River Deep, Mountain High 10:05

Performed by:

Ritchie Blackmore • lead guitar
Rod Evans • vocals
Jon Lord • organ, string arrangement
Ian Paice • drums
Nick Simper • bass guitar, vocals

Album recorded August 1968 at De Lane Lea, London.


Original US 1968 pressings have heavy brown cardboard covers with a glued back flap attached to rear paper panel. Labels are a Silver gloss paper with a Blue "Tetragrammaton" Logo, and thick black lettering. Dead wax has small inscription "DCT" and larger "T-107-Side 1" and "T-107-Side 2"
Later 1970's & 1980's represses exist with same cover art, release no#, date and are made in Canada with a white paper Gloss cover. Vinyl is thin like "Dynaflex" and have Silver labels (non gloss) with smaller black lettering with no Blue label logo. Dead wax has crudely written "SMK" and "T-107 side 1" & "T-107 side 2".

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