Captain Lockheed And The Starfighters

Artist: Robert Calvert
Label: United Artists Records
Catalog#: UAG 29507
Format: Vinyl
Country: UK
Released: 1974
A1 Frank Joseph Strauss, Defence Minister, Reviews The Luftwaffe In 1958. Finding It Somewhat Lacking In Image Potential. 1:40
A2 The Aerospace Inferno 4:35
A3 Aircraft Salesman (A Door In The Foot) 1:41
A4 The Widow Maker 2:42

Guitar [Lead] - Dave Brock

A5 Two Test Pilots Discuss The Starfighter's Performance. 0:41
A6 The Right Stuff 4:23
A7 Board Meeting (Seen Through A Contract Lense). 0:58
A8 The Song Of The Gremlin (Part 0ne) 3:21
B1 Ground Crew (Last Minute Reassembly Before Take Off 3:17
B2 Hero With A Wing 3:20
B3 Ground Control To Pilot 0:52
B4 Ejection 3:35
B5 Interview 3:55
B6 I Resign 0:27
B7 The Song Of The Gremlin (Part Two) 3:10
B8 Bier Garten 0:38
B9 Catch A Falling Starfighter 2:54

Percussion [Funeral Drum] - Twink


Bass, Guitar [Rhythm] - Lemmy
Drums - Simon King
Guitar [Lead, Rhythm], Bass - Paul Rudolph
Keyboards - Adrian Wagner
Saxophone - Nik Turner
Synthesizer - Del Dettmar
Vocals - Arthur Brown
Vocals, Voice [Spoken Word], Percussion - Robert Calvert
Voice [Spoken Word] - Jim Capaldi
Voice [Spoken Word] - Richard Ealing
Voice [Spoken Word] - Tom Mittledorf
Voice [Spoken Word] - Vivian Stanshall


Robert Calvert's 1st solo project. A concept album: Music/Theater - Captain Lockheed alternates between octane guzzlers in the classic Hawkwind vein and Monty Python-like vignettes.
Title embosed on cover in silver foil print.
Aircraft in artwork embosed on both front and back covers of gatefold jacket.
Printed (black paper) insert containing lyrics and dialogue stappled to inside center of gatefold.
Printed inner sleeve with German eagle in light blue on silver background.

Strawberry Bricks Entry: 
South African-born Robert Calvert’s time in Hawkwind had, up until this point, been tentative; his documented mental instabilities kept him from having a permanent position with the band. Following his departure after the Space Ritual tour, Calvert teamed up with producer Roy Thomas Baker for his first solo album. The first, Captain Lockheed And The Starfighters, presented the true story of the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, a plane with a dubious safety record. A mix of spoken word passages and songs, the album is every bit as good as a Hawkwind release. “The Aerospace Inferno,” “The Widow Maker” and “The Right Stuff” all have that trademark Hawkwind rhythm; and it’s no wonder as his backing band was—wait for it—Hawkwind! Simon King, Lemmy, Nik Turner and Paul Rudolph, along with a bevy of guests (including Eno, Vivian Stanshall and Jim Capaldi) all add their mark to Calvert’s songwriting. It’s a good preview of his upcoming role with Hawkwind, and to his future contribution to the band’s overall sound. “The Song of the Gremlin” features Arthur Brown, with Adrian Wagner on keyboards. The second side continues the story, again mixing spoken word tracks between each music track. “Hero with a Wing” slows the pace, offering a dark, brooding monologue from Calvert; but the following “Ejection” is the album’s crown jewel, and every bit a Hawkwind classic as any the band ever released. The album saw release on United Artists to positive acclaim but did not chart. The following year, Eno would produce Calvert’s second album, Lucky Leif And The Longships; however, the end result wasn’t as strong as the first time around, with only Rudolph, Turner and Simon House from Hawkwind participating. Later in 1975, Calvert would return to Hawkwind to begin a new chapter with the band on Charisma Records.
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