Commercial Album

Artist: Residents
Label: Ralph Records
Catalog#: RZ 8052-L
Format: Vinyl
Country: US
Released: 1980
A1 Easter Woman 1:00
A2 Perfect Love 1:00
A3 Picnic Boy 1:00
A4 End Of Home 1:00
A5 Amber 1:00
A6 Japanese Watercolor 1:00
A7 Secrets 1:00
A8 Die In Terror 1:00
A9 Red Rider 1:00
A10 My Second Wife 1:00
A11 Floyd 1:00
A12 Suburban Bathers 1:00
A13 Dimples And Toes 1:00
A14 The Nameless Souls 1:00
A15 Love Leaks Out 1:00
A16 Act Of Being Polite 1:00
A17 Medicine Man 1:00
A18 Tragic Bells 1:00
A19 Loss Of Innocence 1:00
A20 The Simple Song 1:00
B1 Ups And Downs 1:00
B2 Possessions 1:00
B3 Give It To Someone Else 1:00
B4 Phantom 1:00
B5 Less Not More 1:00
B6 My Work Is So Behind 1:00
B7 Birds In The Trees 1:00
B8 Handfull Of Desire 1:00
B9 Moisture 1:00
B10 Love Is... 1:00
B11 Troubled Man 1:00
B12 La La 1:00
B13 Loneliness 1:00
B14 Nice Old Man 1:00
B15 The Talk Of Creatures 1:00
B16 Fingertips 1:00
B17 In Between Dreams 1:00
B18 Margaret Freeman 1:00
B19 The Coming Of The Crow 1:00
B20 When We Were Young 1:00

Featuring - Chris Cutler
Featuring - Don Jackovich
Featuring - Fred Frith
Featuring - Mud's Sis
Featuring - Sandy Sandwich
Featuring - Snakefinger
Producer, Written-By - Residents


1st pressing limited to 15,000 copies which had the incorrect track order printed on the sleeve for tracks 8-14 and which had a purple Ralph logo on bottom right corner of rear sleeve.

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