Epitaph Volume Three

Artist: King Crimson
Label: Discipline Global Mobile
Catalog#: DGM9607C
Format: CD
Country: United States
Released: 1997
1 21st Century Schizoid Man 7:14
2 Get They Bearings 10:32
3 In The Court Of The Crimson King 6:43
4 Mantra 8:46
5 Travel Weary Capricorn 3:57
6 Improv Including By The Sleeping Lagoon 8:54
7 Mars 7:23

Arranged By - Greg Lake
Arranged By - Ian McDonald
Arranged By - Michael Giles
Arranged By - Peter Sinfield
Arranged By - Robert Fripp
Written-By - Eric Coates
Written-By - Greg Lake
Written-By - Gustav Holst
Written-By - Ian McDonald
Written-By - Michael Giles
Written-By - Peter Sinfield
Written-By - Robert Fripp
Written-by [Improv Section] - Greg Lake
Written-by [Improv Section] - Ian McDonald
Written-by [Improv Section] - Michael Giles
Written-by [Improv Section] - Robert Fripp
Written-by [Original Song] - Donovan


Volume 3 of the Epitaph box set, sold separately from the box. The box was sold with volumes 1 and 2, a booklet, and space for volumes 3 and 4 if the listener wished to purchase them.
Track 6, Improv, is crediting as including "By The Sleeping Lagoon"; the proper title is "Sleepy Lagoon."

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