Floating World

Artist: Jade Warrior
Label: Island Records
Catalog#: ILPS 9290
Format: Vinyl
Country: United States
Released: 1974
A1 Clouds  
A2 Mountin Of Fruits And Flowers  
A3 Waterfall  
A4 Red Lotus  
B1 Clouds  
B2 Rainflower  
B3 Easty  
B4 Monkey Chant  
B5 Memories Of A Distant Sea  
B6 Quba  

Written-By - Martha Mdenge


Producer - Jon Field
Producer - Tony Duhig

Strawberry Bricks Entry: 
Story has it that after listening to Jade Warrior's music, Steve Winwood convinced Chris Blackwell to sign the band to his Island Records. Now reduced to the core of Tony Duhig and Jon Field, the duo left most of their musical past behind, including vocals and any trace of psychedelia. On their 1974 release, Floating World, each track is presented as wide and cinematic in sound as it is descriptive in title. After the introductory "Clouds," "Mountain of Fruits and Flowers" emerges with a stirring bass line. "Waterfall" flows like a river, before descending into a cataclysm of conga drums. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, "Red Lotus" erupts with Duhig's heavily distorted guitar! The second side courses about the same as the first. "Rainflower" is a gentle guitar number, while the jazzy "Easty" adds rhythm underneath. "Monkey Chant" features Duhig's brother Dave on lead guitar and is another improbable (but welcome) heavy number. The plaintive "Memories of a Distant Sea" closes, briefly reprised on "Quba." Characterized by dynamics and world influences, Jade Warrior use their instruments like paintbrushes, yet never completely fill the canvas. And like the oriental-flavored album art, their music is both restive and contemplative, and generally avoids all clich├ęs but their own. The duo also presage the instrumental "fourth world" and new age genre that would rise to some commercial prominence in the 1980s. Jade Warrior would release another three albums of much similar effect for Island before splitting up in 1979; and little would be heard from either musician during the 80s.
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