Artist: Fred Frith
Label: Ralph Records
Catalog#: FF 8057-L
Format: Vinyl
Country: US
Released: 1980
A1 The Boy Beats The Rams (Kluk Tluce Nerany) 4:54
A2 Spring Any Day Now 3:05
A3 Don't Cry For Me 3:28

Snare [Snaredrum], Maracas [Maraccas] - Chris Cutler

A4 The Hands Of The Juggler 5:32
A5 Norrgarden Nyvla 2:54
A6 Year Of The Monkey 4:12

Recorder - Frank Wuyts

B1 What A Dilemma 3:11

Bass [Subliminal] - Tina Curran

B2 Crack In The Concrete 1:25
B3 Come Across 2:47

Drums [Subliminal] - Frank Wuyts

B4 Dancing In The Street / My Enemy Is A Bad Man 4:42

Organ - Dave Newhouse

B5 Slap Dance 2:32

Soprano Saxophone - Tom Scott

B6 A Career In Real Estate 4:42
B7 Dancing In Rockville Maryland 3:05

Alto Saxophone - Dave Newhouse
Alto Saxophone, Clarinet - Marc Hollander
Bass - Billy Swann
Bass, Guitar, Violin - Fred Frith
Cover - Alfreda Benge
Drums - Fred Frith
Drums - Hasse Bruniusson
Drums - Paul Sears
Engineer - Colleen Scott
Engineer - Etienne Conod
Engineer - Gabriel Rosen
Engineer - Tom Scott
Guitar, Mandolin - Eino Haapala
Handclaps [Clapping] - Catherine Jauniaux
Handclaps [Clapping] - Chris Cutler
Handclaps [Clapping] - Denis Van Hecke
Handclaps [Clapping] - Etienne Conod
Handclaps [Clapping] - Frank Wuyts
Handclaps [Clapping] - Michel Berckmans
Handclaps [Clapping] - Olivia Bruynhooghe
Handclaps [Clapping] - Tina Curran
Handclaps [Clapping] - Véronique Vincent
Keyboards - Fred Frith
Other [Criticism] - Chris Cutler
Other [Criticism] - Marc Hollander
Other [Criticism] - Tina Curran
Other [Criticism] - Véronique Vincent
Performer [Also Heard, Backwards] - Aksak Maboul
Performer [Whirling] - Catherine Jauniaux
Performer [Whirling] - Frank Wuyts
Performer [Whirling] - Tina Curran
Photography By [Back Cover Photo] - Tina Curran
Piano, Organ, Accordion - Lars Hollmer
Producer - Etienne Conod
Producer - Fred Frith
Tap Dance - Olivia Bruynhooghe


Side A recorded August 1979 in Norrgarden Nyvla, Uppsala, Sweden and Sunrise Studios, Kirchberg, Switzerland.
Side B recorded November 1979 at Catch-a-Buzz Studio, Rockville and January 1980 at Sunrise Studios, Kirchberg.

Strawberry Bricks Entry: 
Fred Frith was best known for his unique approach to guitar playing as part of the equally unique Henry Cow, and later Art Bears. Frith had released a solo album in the interim, Guitar Solos (a series of improvised—you guessed it—guitar solos), and a final album with Henry Cow in 1979, Western Culture. For Gravity, Frith teamed up with two Rock In Opposition stalwarts for another look at song-form, dance music and, of course, the avant-garde. On the first side of the record, Swedish group Samla Mammas Manna guest, and the results are a potpourri of ethnic music, improvisation and all the weirdness one might expect from Frith. There's even a golden nugget of prog rock buried inside the brilliant "Norrgarden Nyvla." Lars Hollmer's accordion is a treat, as is Frith's violin. The second side features members of the US band The Muffins, to similar effect. In particular, the deconstruction of "Dancing in the Street" is ridiculously avant-accessible, culminating in a frenzy of tape manipulation before fading with a meandering guitar line. But the following "Slap Dance" is certainly more palatable. The album was released on the US label Ralph Records, perhaps best known for signing The Residents. The following year saw the release of another similar album, Speechless. Here Frith teamed up with another pair of RIO bands, Etron Fou Leloublan and Massacre. A final record for the label, Cheap At Half The Price, would appear in 1983.
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