Hall Of The Mountain Grill

Artist: Hawkwind
Label: United Artists Records
Catalog#: UA-LA328-G
Format: Vinyl
Country: United States
Released: 1974-09
A1 The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke) 7:21
A2 Wind Of Change 4:36
A3 D-Rider 6:14
A4 Web Weaver 3:09
B1 You'd Better Believe It 7:14

Co-producer - Roy Thomas Baker

B2 Hall Of The Mountain Grill 2:23
B3 Lost Johnny 3:28

Guitar [Rythm And Lead] - Lemmy

B4 Goat Willow 1:37
B5 Paradox 5:25

Bass, Vocals - Lemmy
Co-producer - Doug Bennett
Drums, Percussion - Simon King
Guitar [Lead And 12 Strings], Synthesizer, Organ, Vocals - Dave Brock
Keyboards, Keyboards [Mellotron], Violin - Simon House
Keyboards, Synthesizer, Kalimba - Del Dettmar
Producer - Hawkwind
Saxophone, Flute, Oboe, Vocals - Nik Turner


Recorded at Olympic Studios, Barnes, May-June 1974, except tracks 5 and 9, recorded live at Edmonton Sundown on 26 Jan 1974.

Strawberry Bricks Entry: 
Hawkwind's ranks continued to revolve: Dik Mik left the band the previous August, followed by Robert Calvert, who left to record a solo album. Hawkwind returned to the US in March, for their 1999 Party tour, adding Simon House, ex-High Tide and Third Ear Band, on keyboards and violin. The album, Hall Of The Mountain Grill, its title taken from a cafe the band liked to frequent, also gives a nod to the work of classical composer Edvard Grieg. "The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear in Smoke)" kicks off with a rollicking beat and chorus; House's presence is immediate, with his Mellotron lines painting the sonic landscape. He next adds violin to the ensuing slow-building instrumental "Wind of Change." Nik Turner's "D-Rider" continues, his vocal held back in the murky mix; while Dave Brock's acoustic "Web Weaver" closes the side. With its memorable chorus, Brock delivers a classic with "You'd Better Believe It," recorded live at Edmonton Sundown. The title track features House on piano, while Lemmy and Mick Farren deliver the rock ‘n' roll of "Lost Johnny." Del Dettmar's "Goat Willow" provides another instrumental interlude, before the band closes with the hard-rocking (and live) "Paradox." It's another classic album from Hawkwind, one that benefits from both House's musical contributions and Roy Thomas Baker's production. The single "Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear in Smoke)" b/w "It's So Easy" failed to chart, but the album rose to No. 16 in the UK and nearly broke the Top 100 in the US. However, disaster nearly fell the band when they returned to the US in the fall, as the IRS impounded their equipment due to suspected tax evasion.
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