I See You

Artist: Gong
Label: Snapper/Madfish
Catalog#: SMACD1023
Format: CD
Country: United States
Released: 2014-11
1 I See You 3:33
2 Occupy 2:54
3 When God Shakes Hands With The Devil 5:40
4 The Eternal Wheel Spins 7:04
5 Syllabub 4:32
6 This Revolution 3:50
7 You See Me 2:40
8 Zion My T-shirt 6:18
9 Pixielation 4:42
10 A Brew Of Special 1:22
11 Thank You 10:35
12 Shakti Yoni & Dingo Virgin 9:30

Flamedog Alien: beat/crash/kick/vocal - aka Orlando Allen {drums, vocals on 'The Eternal Wheel Spins'}
Unicorn Strut: bass & invisible operas - aka Dave Sturt {bass & computer samples}
Spiral K. Octoflash: crunchbox & scythe guitar - aka Kavus Tobabi {neoprog smart guitar}
Fabuloso Golfcart: winged guitars/glissando - aka Fabio Golfetti {guitars, old school psych solos & glissando}
Eastwinds i.e. Windows: saxo/flutes/lungs - aka Ian East {saxs, flute}
Dada Ali: bi-focal local vocals 'n' gliss - aka daevid allen {gliss guitar and vocals}
Special Guests:
Gilli Smyth {sprinkled space whisper}


Engineered, mixed and produced by Orlando Monday Allen at Flamedog Records Studios and the Bananamoon Observatory Studios Australia.
Additional production by Dave Sturt and daevid allen.
Mastered by Udi Koomran at Ginger Studio, Tel Aviv (Additional production on daevid's vocal on Track 11, 'Thank You').
Rhythm section for tracks 1,2,4,7,9,11, recorded by Alex Angeloni, at Mosh Studios, Sâo Paulo, Brazil.
All saxes and woodwinds recorded remotely by Ian East in his own studio.
Gliss Guitar on 'Shakti Yoni and Dingo Virgin' recorded by Toby Robinson at Moat Studios, London, UK.

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