The Lansdowne Tapes

Artist: Uriah Heep
Label: Viceroy Music
Catalog#: VIN6015-2
Format: CD
Country: US
Released: 1994
1 Born In A Trunk  
2 Simon The Bullet Freak  
3 Here Am I  
4 Magic Lantern  
5 Why  
6 Astranaza  
7 What's Within My Heart  
8 What Should Be Done  
9 Lucy Blues  
10 I Want You Babe (Behind The Green Shed Blues)  
11 Celebrate  
12 Schoolgirl  
13 Born In A Trunk (Instrumental)  
14 Look At Yourself  

Paul Newton - Bass
Alex Napier - Drums
Ian Clarke - Drums
Keith Baker - Drums
Nigel Olsson - Drums
Mick Box - Guitar [Guitars]
Colin Wood - Keyboards
Ken Hensley - Keyboards
Osibisa - Percussion [Additional]
David Byron - Vocals


The Lansdowne Tapes (1994) From Spice To Uriah Heep - The Transition
Uriah Heep
Album Description:
Uriah Heep enter their third decade with a worldwide following and an extensive back-catalogue, but these newly discovered recordings take us back to the very start of Heep's career, and their early beginnings as a band called Spice.
With Mick Box, Paul Newton and David Byron in the band, these early recordings, featuring numbers which had been an integral part of Spice's live repertoire, were taped in 1969, and only shelved when Ken Hensley joined the band.  His arrival gave them their definitive sound, and to mark the change, Spice renamed themselves Uriah Heep.
The rest of this album features material taped by the embryonic Uriah Heep line-ups. it includes several excellent tracks which, for various reasons, never made it onto vinyl, along with alternate takes of old favourites, all taped during 1970 and 1971.  All the material here has been newly mixed down from the original 8-track tapes recorded at Lansdowne Studios.  Mick Box, Paul Newton and Ken Hensley have been unstinting in their co-operation, fascinated to hear this material once again.
Contains 14 Tracks, Including "Look At Yourself" And An 11 Minute Version Of "Why". 1994 Release.
Track #14, Look At Yourself, is a bonus track.

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