Love From The Planet Gong (The Virgin Years 1973-75)

Artist: Gong
Label: Virgin Records Ltd., UMC
Catalog#: 675 890-1, 675 890-1
Format: CD, DVD, Box Set
Country: Europe
Released: 2019-09-27
CD1-1 Radio Gnome Invisible 5:38

Daevid Allen - Written-By

CD1-2 Flying Teapot 11:53

Daevid Allen - Written-By
Francis Moze - Written-By

CD1-3 The Pot Head Pixies 2:59

Daevid Allen - Written-By

CD1-4 The Octave Doctors And The Crystal Machine 1:55

Tim Blake - Written-By

CD1-5 Zero The Hero And The Witch's Spell 9:36

Christian Tritsch - Written-By
Daevid Allen - Written-By

CD1-6 Witch's Song / I Am Your Pussy 5:10

Daevid Allen - Written-By
Gilli Smyth - Written-By

CD1-7 Radio Gnome Invisible (Rough Mix) 5:09
CD1-8 Radio Gnome Invisible (Story Narration) 2:43
CD1-9 Flying Teapot (Mix 21) 7:16
CD1-10 The Pot Head Pixies (Second To Last Mix) 3:00
CD1-11 Flying Teapot (Rough Mix) 9:32
CD2-1 Other Side Of The Sky 7:32

Daevid Allen - Written-By
Tim Blake - Written-By

CD2-2 Sold To The Highest Buddha 4:27

Daevid Allen - Written-By
Mike Howlett - Written-By

CD2-3 Castle In The Clouds 1:13

Steve Hillage - Written-By

CD2-4 Prostitute Poem 4:52

Gilli Smyth - Written-By
Steve Hillage - Written-By

CD2-5 Givin' My Luv To You 0:47

Daevid Allen - Written-By

CD2-6 Selene 3:38

Daevid Allen - Written-By

CD2-7 Flute Salad 2:09

Didier Malherbe - Written-By

CD2-8 Oily Way 3:37

Daevid Allen - Written-By
Didier Malherbe - Written-By

CD2-9 Outer Temple 1:09

Steve Hillage - Written-By
Tim Blake - Written-By

CD2-10 Inner Temple 2:34

Daevid Allen - Written-By
Didier Malherbe - Written-By

CD2-11 Percolations 0:46

Pierre Moerlen - Written-By

CD2-12 Love Is How You Make It 3:28

Daevid Allen - Written-By
Pierre Moerlen - Written-By

CD2-13 I Never Glid Before 5:37

Steve Hillage - Written-By

CD2-14 Eat That Phone Book Coda 3:14

Didier Malherbe - Written-By

CD2-15 Other Side Of The Sky (Single Mix) 4:36
CD2-16 Ooby-Scooby Doomsday Or The D-Day DJ's Got The D.D.T Blues 5:07
CD2-17 Love Is How y Make It (1973 Vocal Mix) 3:29
CD2-18 Eat That Phone Book Coda (Early Mix) 3:09
CD3-1 Thoughts For Naught 1:33
CD3-2 A P.H.P's Advice 1:45
CD3-3 Magick Mother Invocation 1:57
CD3-4 Master Builder 6:19
CD3-5 A Sprinkling Of Clouds 8:57
CD3-6 Perfect Mystery 2:29
CD3-7 The Isle Of Everywhere 10:21
CD3-8 You Never Blow Your Trip Forever 11:32
CD3-9 A P.H.P's Advice (Alternate Version) 1:50
CD3-10 Where Have All The Flowers Gone 3:08
CD4-1 Wingful Of Eyes 6:16
CD4-2 Chandra 7:26
CD4-3 Bambooji 5:16
CD4-4 Cat In Clark's Shoes 7:45
CD4-5 Mandrake 5:05
CD4-6 Shamal 9:05
CD4-7 Bambooji (Out-Takes Edit) 4:55
CD4-8 Chandra (Alternate Mix) 8:01
CD4-9 Wingful Of Eyes (Out-Takes Edit) 5:03
CD5-1 You Can't Kill Me 6:56
CD5-2 Radio Gnome Direct Broadcast 4:19
CD5-3 Other Side Of The Sky 5:36
CD5-4 Zero The Hero And The Witch's Spell 11:09
CD5-5 Flute Salad 1:32
CD5-6 Oily Way 3:21
CD5-7 Outer Temple 1:03
CD5-8 Inner Temple 5:18
CD5-9 Castle In The Clouds 1:34
CD5-10 6/8 Tune 2:59
CD5-11 Radio Gnome Invisible 7:30
CD5-12 Zero The Hero And The Witch's Spell (Live) 14:05
CD5-13 Flying Teapot (Live) 12:13
CD6-1 Other Side Of The Sky 11:33
CD6-2 Dynamite / I Am Your Animal 5:57
CD6-3 6/8 Tune 2:11
CD6-4 I Never Glid Before 6:47
CD6-5 Zero The Hero And The Witch's Spell 12:55
CD6-6 Ooby-Scooby Doomsday Or The D-Day DJ's Got The D.D.T Blues 5:42
CD6-7 Est-Ce Que Ju Suis? 5:18
CD6-8 I've Bin Stone Before 4:46
CD6-9 Mr Longshanks / Oh Mother 2:30
CD6-10 I Am Your Fantasy 4:51
CD6-11 You Can't Kill Me 7:22
CD7-1 Flute Salad 5:20
CD7-2 Oily Way 5:06
CD7-3 Outer Temple 0:21
CD7-4 Flying Teapot 6:36
CD7-5 Fohat Jam / Dynamite - Reprise 10:10
CD7-6 You Can't Kill Me - Reprise 4:01
CD7-7 I Never Glid Before - Reprise 10:55
CD8-1 Other Side Of The Sky 12:20
CD8-2 Dynamite / I Am Your Animal 5:45
CD8-3 6/8 Tune 3:49
CD8-4 I Never Glid Before 5:49
CD8-5 Zero The Hero And The Witch's Spell 13:05
CD8-6 I Am Your Pussy - Prelude 3:17
CD9-1 I Am Your Pussy 5:18
CD9-2 You Can't Kill Me 8:52
CD9-3 Ooby-Scooby Doomsday Or The D-Day DJ's Got The D.D.T Blues 11:02
CD9-4 Flute Salad 1:40
CD9-5 Oily Way 3:35
CD9-6 Outer Temple 1:23
CD9-7 Inner Temple 4:18
CD9-8 Radio Gnome Invisible 7:10
CD10-1 A Sprinkling Of Clouds 8:24
CD10-2 I Never Glid Before 7:06
CD10-3 I've Bin Stone Before 2:38
CD10-4 Mr Longshanks / Oh Mother 2:17
CD10-5 The Isle Of Everywhere 10:55
CD10-6 I Am Your Fantasy 2:38
CD10-7 Master Builder 7:42
CD11-1 Aftaglid 15:21
CD11-2 Flute Salad 6:47
CD11-3 Oily Way 3:16
CD11-4 6/8 Tune 4:27
CD11-5 Solar Musick Suite 20:39
CD11-6 Bambooji 4:31
CD12-1 Bambooji 3:34
CD12-2 The Isle Of Everywhere 15:21
CD12-3 Wingful Of Eyes 7:51
CD12-4 The Salmon Song 6:21
CD12-5 Master Builder 6:27
CD12-6 Drum Solo 4:54
CD12-7 Flying Teapot 3:33
CD12-8 I Never Glid Before 12:17
DVD-1 Thoughts For The Naught 1:31
DVD-2 A PHP's Advice 1:48
DVD-3 Magick Mother Invocation 2:00
DVD-4 Master Builder 6:20
DVD-5 A Sprinkling Of Clouds 8:57
DVD-6 Thoughts For The Naught 1:32
DVD-7 A PHP's Advice 1:43
DVD-8 Magick Mother Invocation 1:54
DVD-9 Master Builder 6:20
DVD-10 A Sprinkling Of Clouds 8:58
DVD-11 Perfect Mystery 2:28
DVD-12 The Isle Of Everywhere 10:20
DVD-13 You Never Blow Yr Trip Forever 11:29

Francis Moze - Bass, Piano
Mike Howlett - Bass, Voice
Rob Tait - Drums
Pierre Moerlen - Drums, Percussion, Percussion [Tuned Percussion]
Laurie Allan - Drums, Percussion, Voice
Tom Newman - Engineer [Assistant]
Simon Heyworth - Engineer [Engine Eared]
Nick Robbins - Engineer [Tape Restoration]
Christian Tritsch - Guitar
Steve Hillage - Guitar
Patrice Lemoine - Keyboards
Pierre Moerlen - Percussion
Rachid Houari - Percussion
Mireille Bauer - Percussion, Percussion [Tuned Percussion]
Gong - Producer
Simon Heyworth - Producer
Giorgio Gomelsky - Producer, Producer [Direction]
Didier Malherbe - Saxophone, Flute, Percussion, Voice
Tim Blake - Synthesizer, Voice
Daevid Allen - Tape [Tape Loops]
Jorge Pinchevsky - Violin
Miquette Giraudy - Violin
Diane Bond - Voice
Miquette Giraudy - Voice
Pierre Moerlen - Voice
Sandy Colley - Voice
Gilli Smyth - Voice [Space Whisper], Voice
Lady June - Voice [Spoken Voice]
Daevid Allen - Voice, Guitar, Guitar [Glissando]


Made in Germany
13 Discs 53 previously unreleased
Curated by [a=Steve Hillage] and [a=Mike Howlett]
Remastered from the original Virgin Masters by original producer [a=Simon Hayworth]
64 page book
CD5-1 to CD5-4 BBC Radio session 29 May 1973
CD5-5 to CD5-11 BBC Radio session 15 January 1975
CD5-12 & CD5-13 Live at the Edinburgh Festival 1973
DVD 1 to 5 Mixed at Westlake Audio California September in 1974 by [a=Simon Hayworth]
DVD 6 to 10 Mixed at Pye Studios London in July 1974 by [a=Simon Hayworth]
DVD 11 to 13 Up-mixed at super Audio Mastering in 2018 by [a=Simon Hayworth]
CD1-1 to CD1-6, CD6-1 to CD6-4, CD6-6 to CD6-10, CD7-1 to CD7-7 Described as 'First time on Official CD'
CD1-7 to CD1-11, CD4-7 to CD4-9 CD5-5, CD5-12, CD8-1, CD8-4 to CD8-6, CD9, CD10, CD11, CD12-1, CD12-3,CD12-4,CD12-6, CD12-8 & DVD Described as 'Previously unreleased'

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