Magick Brother

Artist: Gong
Label: BYG Records
Catalog#: 529.305
Format: Vinyl
Country: France
Released: 1970
A1 Mystic Sister - Magick Brother 5:54

Contrabass [Contra Bass] - Dieter Gewissler
Voice [Voices] - Tasmin Smyth

A2 Change The World [AKA 'Rational Anthemn' In Liner Notes] 4:10

Contrabass [Contrabasse] - Barre Phillips

A3 Glad To Sad To Say 3:35
A4 Chainstore Chant - Pretty Miss Titty 4:38
A5 Fred Fish - Hope You Feel OK 3:18
B1 Ego 3:55

Contrabass [Contrabasse] - Earl Freeman
Piano - Burton Greene

B2 Gongsong 4:05

Contrabass [Contra Bass] - Dieter Gewissler
Piano [Pno], Piano [Pianohrp] - Earl Freeman

B3 Princess Dreaming 2:55

Contrabass [Contrabasse] - Barre Phillips
Voice [Voices] - Tasmin Smyth

B4 5 & 20 Schoolgirls 4:23
B5 Cos You Got Green Hair 4:58

Design [Art & Liner Notes] - Daevid Allen
Drums, Tabla - Raschid Houari
Engineer [Studio Eta] - Dominique Blanc-Francard
Engineer [Studio Europa Sonor] - Jean François Baudet
Executive Producer [For Jerome Laparrousaz] - Pierre Lattès
Flute, Saxophone [Soprano] - Didier Malherbe
Guitar, Bass Guitar, Guitar [Semprini Crystal Ball] - Daevid Allen
Lyrics By [Word World], Music By - Gilli Smyth
Photography - Christian Rose
Photography - Guy Lequerrec
Producer - Jean Georgakarakos
Producer - Jean-Luc Young
Vocals [Voices, Space Whisper] - Gilli Smyth


Recorded September and October, 1969 Studio ETA
Studio Europa Sonor, Paris.
Gatefold laminated sleeve, black and silver label
Published with 'Actuel' logo. Original pressing of this album.

Strawberry Bricks Entry: 
The wacky world of Gong began in 1967, after Daevid Allen found himself ex-Soft Machine and stranded in France, courtesy of British Immigration. Returning to Paris, Allen secured a guitar, Binson amplifier and a "gynaecological surgical instrument" through benefactors; subsequently, he invented his trademark glissando guitar technique. Reunited with Gilli Smyth, the pair found like-minded musicians to create their improvised art. The earliest "magick brothers and mystic sisters" were Loren Standlee and Ziska Baum, as well as the proto-Gong Bananamoon band, with Patrick Fontaine and Marc Blanc (both later in Ame Son). But the student uprisings of May 1968 in France sent the couple to Majorca to avoid authorities. The couple returned to Paris in September 1969, enticed by a three-album deal with the French BYG (Fernand Boruso, Jean-Luc Young and Jean Georgakarakos) label. Didier Malherbe and Richard Houari, along with a few guests, participate in the sessions that produce the Magick Brother album. Opening with the sound of a gong, the title track unveils a loose, almost chaotic backdrop to Allen's songwriting. His penchant for a catchy melody is instantly identifiable, as are his lyrics: "Change the World" and "Chainstore Chant: Pretty Miss Titty" both contain his anti-establishment ethos. "Ego" highlights the jazzy yet wobbly nature of the group and Smyth's unique style of singing, or "space whisper." "5 & 20 Schoolgirls" dispenses with pointless soloing for a much tighter structure, and to great reward. Immediately following the album's completion, bassist Christian Tritsch, violinist Dieter Gewissler and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Laloux were recruited for live gigs, including an appearance at the Amougies Festival in October 1969.
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