Old Songs New Songs. The Definitive Box Set

Artist: Family
Label: Mystic Records (3)
Catalog#: MYS CD191
Format: 4xCD, CD
Country: UK
Released: 2006
1-1 Hung Up Down  
1-2 Today  
1-3 Observations From A Hill  
1-4 Good Friend Of Mine  
1-5 Drowned In Wine  
1-6 Peace Of Mind  
1-7 Hometown  
1-8 The Cat And The Rat  
1-9 No Mule's Fool  
1-10 See Through Windows  
1-11 The Weaver's Answer  
2-1 Drowned In Wine (Previously Unreleased 1969 Demo)  
2-2 Love Is A Sleeper  
2-3 Stop For The Traffic  
2-4 Wheels  
2-5 Song For Sinking Lovers  
2-6 Number Six Blues (Previously Unreleased 1969 Demo)  
2-7 A Song For Me  
2-8 No Mule's Fool (Previously Unreleased 1969 Demo)  
2-9 Good News - Bad News (Live)  
2-10 Part Of The Load  
2-11 Normans  
2-12 Holding The Compass (Live)  
2-13 Anyway  
2-14 Strange Band (Live)  
3-1 Burlesque  
3-2 Bolero Babe  
3-3 Coronation  
3-4 My Friend The Sun  
3-5 Glove  
3-6 Ready To Go  
3-7 Top Of The Hill  
3-8 The Rockin' R's  
3-9 In My Own Time  
3-10 Seasons  
3-11 Between Blue And Me (Live)  
3-12 Sing 'Em The Way I Feel (Live)  

J.B. Lenoir - Written-By

3-13 Sat'd'y Barfly  
3-14 Larf & Sing  
3-15 Spanish Tide (Live)  
3-16 Crinkley Grin  
4-1 Blind  
4-2 Burning Bridges  
4-3 Children (Live)  
4-4 Take Your Partners  
4-5 It's Only A Movie  
4-6 Buffet Tea For Two  
4-7 Sweet Desire  
4-8 Rockin' Pneumonia And Boogie Woogie Flu (Live)  
4-9 Suspicion  
4-10 Checkout  
4-11 In My Own Time (Live)  
4-12 The Weaver's Answer (Live)  
5-1 Song For Lot's (Previously Unreleased 1969 Demo)  
5-2 Theme For A Dream (Previously Unreleased 1969 Demo)  
5-3 Wheels (Previously Unreleased 1969 Demo)  
5-4 Kick A Cat (Previously Unreleased 1969 Demo)  
5-5 Sinking Lovers (Previously Unreleased 1969 Demo)  
5-6 Part Of The Load (Munich 7/11/70)  
5-7 Drowned In Wine (Munich 7/11/70)  
5-8 Holding The Compass (Munich 7/11/70)  
5-9 Good News Bad News (Munich 7/11/70)  
5-10 The Weaver's Answer (Munich 7/11/70)  
5-11 A Song For Me (Munich 7/11/70)  

Charlie Whitney - Written-By
J.B. Lenoir - Written-By
Jim Cregan - Written-By
John Weider - Written-By
John Wetton - Written-By
Poli Palmer - Written-By
Rob Townsend - Written-By
Robin Williamson - Written-By
Roger Chapman - Written-By


Box Set in Hardback book format. Book text by Pete Feenstra. Also includes reproduction of retrospective interview with Chapman and Whitney from 1973 around the time of their breakup.
4 CDs, mounted inside front & back covers with stitched-in 26 page book.
Early packs also included 5th, BONUS, CD in card slipcase and facsimile of 1970 Isle Of Wight Festival Programme.
Disc 1 is the Old Songs New Songs lp.
Disc 2 tracks 1, 6, 8 and bonus CD tracks 1-5: demos for what became the "A Song For Me" album with Rick Grech and Jim King before they were replaced by John Weider and Poli Palmer. (Bonus CD tracks 4-5, working titles of tracks.) None of these were included on the "Once Upon a Time" box set, and are (as of March 2017) exclusive to this collection.
Bonus CD tracks 6-11 recorded live at Circus Krone, Munich 7/11/70. These also are (as of March 2017) exclusive to this collection.
Other "live" tracks on discs 2-4 are from BBC radio performances and have been released also on various live / radio albums and as studio-album reissue bonus tracks.

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