Oxford Poly 18th June 1977

Artist: Here & Now
Label: Free Love Records
Catalog#: 70SNOWCD004
Format: CDr
Country: UK
Released: 2010-05-21
1 Oh Mr. Shiva 21:08
2 Babble 1:48
3 Help Me See The Light 18:23
4 Being Here Now 14:26
5 You Are Your Temple 18:46

Keith Bailey - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Kifkif Le Batteur - Drums, Vocals
Steffe Sharpstrings - Guitar, Vocals
Suze Da Blooze - Other [Dancing]
Twink - Synthesizer
Daevid Allen - Vocals, Guitar, Other [Vibes]


This was Daevid Allen's first guest appearance with Here & Now. They formed Planet Gong a few months later.

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