Piktors Verwandlungen

Artist: Anyone's Daughter
Label: Spiegelei
Catalog#: INT 145.624
Format: Vinyl
Country: Germany
Released: 1981
A1 Piktor 2:12
A2 Erstes Vorspiel 0:41
A3 Erster Teil Der Erzählung 2:22
A4 Purpur 2:56
A5 Zweites Vorspiel 0:55
A6 Zweiter Teil Der Erzählung 2:19
A7 Der Baum 7:30
B1 Dritter Teil Der Erzählung 2:38
B2 Sehnsucht 5:36
B3 Vierter Teil Der Erzählung 4:25
B4 Piktoria, Viktoria 0:34
B5 Fünfter Teil Der Erzählung 0:40
B6 Der Doppelstern 4:25

W.A. Richard Müller - Cover, Design
W.A. Richard Müller - Design
Kono Konopik - Drums
Uwe Karpa - Guitar
Matthias Ulmer - Keyboards, Vocals
Klaus Müller - Photography
Piotr Iwicki - Photography
Harald Bareth - Voice, Bass, Vocals


Recorded live on January 18th 1981 in Heidenheim / Germany
Mixed on February 8th and 9th 1981 at Conny's Studio, Neunkirchen-Seelscheid
Lyrics where adapted from the fairy tale Piktors Verwandlungen, written by Hermann Hesse in 1922
Gatefold cover

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