Artist: Gong
Label: Virgin Records America, Inc.
Catalog#: PZ 34156
Format: Vinyl
Country: United States
Released: 1976
A1 Wingful Of Eyes 6:14

Guitar [Electric], Acoustic Guitar - Steve Hillage

A2 Chandra 6:08
A3 Bambooji 6:28

Guitar [Electric], Acoustic Guitar - Steve Hillage
Vocals - Miquette Giraudy

B1 Cat In Clark's Shoes 7:39
B2 Mandrake 4:52
B3 Shamal 8:53

Vocals - Sandy Colley


Bass, Vocals - Mike Howlett
Drums, Vibraphone, Percussion, Bells [Tubular] - Pierre Moerlen
Engineer - Ben King
Marimba, Percussion [Assorted], Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Gong - Mireille Bauer
Mixed By - Rick Curtain
Piano, Organ, Synthesizer [Mini-moog] - Patrice Lemoine
Producer - Nick Mason
Saxophone [Tenor, Soprano], Flute [Bamboo, C&g Flutes], Gong - Didier Malherbe
Violin - Jorge Pinchevsky


Recorded at Basing Street Studios, London and at Olympic Studios, London.
Mixed at Sarm Studios, London.

Strawberry Bricks Entry: 
With Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth in Majorca, the remaining members of Gong—Mike Howlett, Didier Malherbe and Pierre Moerlen—were left holding both the proverbial torch and a two-album contract with Virgin Records to fulfill. Tim Blake had already split to France to start his own solo career, while Steve Hillage would make a final guest appearance here. The band toured the UK in late 1975 with Clearlight, and live tapes reveal the full impact of the new members. The set list includes tracks from the Trilogy era and Hillage's Fish Rising album, as well as new material. With Pink Floyd's Nick Mason in the producer's chair, the album Shamal mixes up the old Gong formula: Gone are most traces of psychedelia, replaced with a modern jazz-rock; while the long, groove-driven jams are refitted with tight and sophisticated arrangements. On "Wingful of Eyes" and "Shamal," Gong even add a little funk. Newcomers Mireille Bauer (tuned percussion), Patrice Lemoine (keyboards) and Jorge Pinchevsky (violin) provide the incentive for the change, though the additional instrumentality isn't wasted in pointless soloing. The album still retains novelty, avoiding most of the then-current fusion and, most importantly, the album never forgets that it's rock music. Even "Cat in Clark's Shoes" attempts to inject a little humor; lest we forget this is Gong! Unfortunately though, none of this would last, as the band divided over whether to include vocals or go purely instrumental. Howlett would put his bass down and turn to the production chair for a highly rewarding career; while Malherbe would last for one additional album before fronting his own excellent fusion band, Bloom. Pierre Moerlen was then left with the reins of Gong.
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