Song Of Seven

Artist: Jon Anderson
Label: Atlantic
Catalog#: SD 16021
Format: Vinyl
Country: United States
Released: 1980-11
A1 For You, For Me 4:21
A2 Some Are Born 4:03
A3 Don't Forget (Nostalgia) 2:59
A4 Heart Of The Matter 4:18
A5 Hear It 1:48
B1 Everybody Loves You 4:06
B2 Take Your Time 3:07
B3 Days 3:28
B4 Song Of Seven 11:16

Same personnel as other editions.

Strawberry Bricks Entry: 
Parallel to his venture with Vangelis, Jon Anderson also began a solo career. Producing, writing and arranging, Anderson also assembled a fantastic cast: Ronnie Leahy on keyboards, Ian Bairnson and Clem Clempson on guitar, John Giblin on bass and Morris Pert on drums. Several compositions had been poised for Yes, including "Some Are Born," "Everybody Loves You" and "Hear It," but it's obvious why they were never executed: Don't go looking for Yes' music here as Anderson's solo effort, Song Of Seven, is an altogether different beast. "Don't Forget (Nostalgia)" breaks the mold, offering a subtle Caribbean slant, while "Heart of the Matter" is straight-up R&B. "Take Your Time" misses the mark, but "Days" exemplifies everything that Anderson's musical oeuvre is about: the track is gentle, thoughtful, slightly spiritual and expertly performed by the band. Anderson saves the best for last though: The epic title track provides more than a hint at Yes' greatness and grandeur. Anderson then mounted a full-on tour in late 1980, assembling with Giblin and Leahy The New Life Band with Barry De Souza and Morris Pert on drums, Jo Partridge on guitar, Dick Morrissey on saxophone and Chris Rainbow as an additional vocalist. In addition to the album, they performed two medleys: one comprised of several of Yes' classics and the other, songs from Anderson's collaboration with Vangelis. The album however, was met with commercial indifference; it broke into the UK Top 40, yet languished in the US Top 200.
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