The Steve Howe Album

Artist: Steve Howe
Label: Atlantic
Catalog#: SD 19243
Format: Vinyl
Country: United States
Released: 1979-11
A1 Pennants 4:35

Drums - Alan White
Synthesizer [Korg, Arp] - Ronnie Leahy

A2 Cactus Boogie 2:00

Percussion - Clive Bunker

A3 All's A Chord 4:55

Drums - Bill Bruford
Piano - Patrick Moraz
Synthesizer [Moog], Vocals - Steve Howe

A4 Diary Of A Man Who Vanished 2:35

Electric Guitar - Steve Howe

A5 Look Over Your Shoulder 5:00

Drums - Alan White
Organ [Hammond] - Ronnie Leahy
Vocals - Claire Hamill

B1 Meadow Rag 2:40

Soloist [Guitar] - Steve Howe

B2 The Continental 2:50

Violin - Graham Preskett
Written-By - Con Conrad
Written-By - Herbert Magidson

B3 Surface Tension 3:25

Soloist [Guitar] - Steve Howe

B4 Double Rondo 8:12

Composed By - Leoš Janáček
Conductor [59 Piece Orchestra] - Andrew Pryce Jackman

B5 Concerto In D (2nd Movement) 4:50

Arranged By - Steve Howe
Composed By - Antonio Vivaldi


Artwork By - Magnetic Storm Ltd.
Artwork By - Roger Dean
Engineer - Gregg Jackman
Engineer - Roger Wake
Guitar, Bass - Steve Howe
Mixed By - Gregg Jackman
Mixed By - Pete Schwier
Photography - Bart Nagel
Photography - Miki Slingsby
Producer - Steve Howe
Written-By - Steve Howe


Guitars used: Kohno Spanish Guitar, Martin 0018, Gibson EB6 Bass, Gibson The Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Florentine Electric Mandolin, Martin Mandolin, Danelectro Coral Sitar Guitar, Bacon & Day Banjo Guitar, Gibson Les Paul Recording, Gibson ES 175D, Fender Telecaster, Sho Bud Pedal Steel, Fender Twin Neck Steel.
Gatefold sleeve.

Strawberry Bricks Entry: 
Yes guitarist Steve Howe released his first solo album Beginnings in 1975 when all the members of Yes were on sabbatical recording solo albums. Perhaps the most disappointing from the lot, the album was oddly produced and lacked the epic songwriting of Yes; and then there was the issue with Howe’s singing... But his bass playing aside, it did feature his exemplary guitar playing; after all he was close to the start of a five year run of being voted Guitar Player magazine’s Best Overall Guitarist. That said, the album charted on both sides of the Atlantic, even nearing the Top 20 in the UK. Released in 1979 while Yes was in limbo following the Tormato album, The Steve Howe Album furthered the concept of “Howe the guitarist” with not only a picture of each guitar he played, but also a chart marking the instruments he used on each track, all housed in another Roger Dean cover. Some of it is predictable: The instrumentals “Cactus Boogie,” “Diary Of A Man Who Vanished,” “Meadow Rag,” and “Surface Tension” all feature solo guitar, while the two symphonic numbers, Howe’s “Double Rondo” and Vivaldi’s well-known “Concerto in D (Second Movement)” are tastefully performed. But Howe’s redemption is in “Look Over Your Shoulder.” Featuring Alan White on drums and Ronnie Leahy on keyboards, it’s the strongest of Howe’s songs on the record. Coupled with Clair Hamill’s voice, it’s every bit as good as the best of Yes. However, the guitarist would put his solo career on hold for almost a decade as he returned to Yes and later, Asia.
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