Sun Supreme

Artist: Ibis
Label: Polydor
Catalog#: 2446 022.
Format: Vinyl
Country: Italy
Released: 1974-04
A1 Part 1 - Vision Of Majesty  
A2 Part 2 - Travelling The Spectrum Of The Soul  
A2a Flow Of The River Of The Mind  
A2b A Magical Cavern  
A2c On The Edge Of It All  
A3 Part 3 - The Valley Of Mists  
A3a Song Of The Valley Deep  
A3b The Elements Clash - Storm Of Life  
A4 Vision Fulfilled  
A4a Jungle - Rythm Colour (Steam, Sweat, Pulse, Throb, Vibrate)  
A4b Over The Crest  
B1 Part 1  
B2 Part 2  
B3 Part 3  

Artwork By [Grafica] - Convertino/Giardini
Bass - Frank Laugelli
Keyboards - Maurizio Salvi
Lyrics By - Frank Laugelli
Lyrics By - Rick Parnell
Music By - Maurizio Salvi
Music By - Nico Di Palo
Producer - Ibis
Vocals, Drums - Rick Parnell
Vocals, Guitar - Nico Di Palo

Strawberry Bricks Entry: 
Following the New Trolls break up, guitarist Nico Di Palo—plus former members Maurizio Salvi, Frank Laugelli and Gianni Belleno—released Canti D'Innocenza, Canti D'Esperienca, with a big question mark and their names on the cover; for legal reasons, they couldn't release it as the New Trolls. It's very much a hard rock album, based on Di Palo's hard-riffing guitar. A reader's poll gave the group their new name, Ibis; and British drummer Ric Parnell, fresh from a defunct Atomic Rooster, replaced Bellano for their second album, Sun Supreme. Now signed to Polydor, the band switched to English-language lyrics, offering a song cycle on each side of the record; and some Nigerian mysticism too! Di Palo's acoustic guitar opens the first side, but "Travelling the Spectrum of the Soul" fires on all cylinders, delivering some heady prog rock. "The Valley of Mists," though, is the high point: After the acoustic intro, the band erupt on a classic riff and prove their metal. "Vision Fulfilled" resolves the cycle, reprising a few themes along the way. The second side offers the three-part "Divinity," an instrumental number that inches much closer to fusion. "Part 2" shows off the band's dexterity, but also includes a lengthy drum solo; while the last section gently fades away. A final album, Ibis, featuring Di Palo and Laugelli and a couple of new players, saw release in 1975. As the band went back to singing mostly in Italian, the album didn't have much of a chance outside of Italy; and Di Palo went back to the New Trolls.
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