Tangerine Dream '70 - '80

Artist: Tangerine Dream
Label: Virgin
Catalog#: V BOX2
Format: Vinyl
Country: United States
Released: 1980-12
A1 Alpha Centauri (Excerpt) 8:20

Studio Guest - Roland Paulyck
Studio Guest - Steve Schroyder
Studio Guest - Udo Dennebourg

A2 Nebulous Dawn (Excerpt) 6:30
A3 Wahn 4:31
B1 Phaedra 17:33
B2 Sequent C 2:19
C Ricochet Part II 21:13
D1 Rubycon Part II (Excerpt) 9:58
D2 Stratosfear (Excerpt) 8:38
D3 Betrayal 3:41
E1 Desert Dream (Excerpt) 3:47
E2 Cherokee Lane (Excerpt) 8:16
E3 Monolight 3:14
E4 Search 2:56
E5 The Mountain Road 1:58
E6 Impression Of Sorcerer 2:55
F1 Barryl Blue 7:20
F2 Chimes And Chains 4:45
F3 Haunted Heights 6:10
G1 Cloudburst Flight 7:21

Drums - Klaus Krieger

G2 Madrigal Meridian (Excerpt) 11:08

Studio Guest - Klaus Krieger
Studio Guest - Steve Joliffe

G3 Grind 2:57
H Tangram Part I 19:47

Studio Guest - Johannes Schmoelling


Artwork By - Monique Froese
Composed By - Chris Franke
Composed By - Edgar Froese
Composed By - Johannes Schmoelling
Composed By - Peter Baumann
Composed By - Steve Joliffe
Cover - Monique Froese
Engineer - Chris Blake
Engineer - Chris Franke
Engineer - Dieter Dierks
Engineer - Edgar Froese
Engineer - Eduard Meyer
Engineer - Mick Glossop
Engineer - Ottmar Bergler
Engineer - Peter Baumann
Engineer - Phil Becque
Mixed By - Eduard Meyer
Mixed By - Mick Glossop
Mixed By - Peter Baumann
Photography - Monique Froese
Producer - Chris Franke
Producer - Edgar Froese
Producer - Peter Baumann
Recorded By - Chris Franke
Recorded By - Edgar Froese
Recorded By - Peter Baumann
Reissue Producer - Edgar Froese


The 4 LP's comes in a box which includes a 28 pages booklet with the history of Tangerine Dream, discography and 102 photos from concerts, studios and private collection.
Mastered & pressed by Nimbus
E3 Monolight, single version - Re-produced by Edgar Froese
F1 Baryll Blue - Solo performance by Edgar Froese (previously unreleased)
F2 Chimes & Chains - Solo performance by Chris Franke (previously unreleased)
F3 Haunted Heights - Solo performance by Peter Baumann (previously unreleased)
Tracks taken from the following albums:
Alpha Centauri, Zeit, Atem, Phaedra, Ricochet, Rubycon, Stratosfear, Sorcerer, Encore, Force Majeure, Cyclone and Tangram

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