Vision's Fugitives

Artist: Sensations' Fix
Label: All Ears Records
Catalog#: SF 11478
Format: Vinyl
Country: United States
Released: 1977
A1 Project Wishing Well  
A2 Fleetwood Trip L-Track  
A3 Barnhaus Effect No. 2  
A4 Fix A Drinking Fountain: Cold Nose Flashback  
A5 Fortune Teller  
A6 Warped Notions Of A Practical Joke  
B1 Secret Orders For Operation Brainstorm  
B2 Chelsea Hotel (Room 625)  
B3 She's Gonna Grow On You  
B4 Vision's Fugitives: The Crowd  
B5 Charlotte's Observer  
B6 Overflowing Ashtray  

Special thanks to Kurt Vonnegut Jr. for inspirations

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