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Nice, The

The Nice were originally the backing band for P.P. Arnold, however they gained renown quickly with Emerson's keyboard antics. The Nice were one of the first bands to incorporate classical motifs in a rock context. O'List left after the first album, along with most their psychedelic charm. The remaining trio, increasingly dominated by Emerson's virtuosity, released another pair of albums before splitting. Both Five Bridges and Elegy were mop-up posthumous releases.

Founded: 1967

Location: London, England


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Arguably one of the first "fusion" bands, Ian Carr's Nucleus were Britian's parallel to Miles Davis' electric bands of the early '70s. Trumpeter Carr came to prominence in the 60s with saxophonist Don Rendell. A veritible "who's who" of British jazz, Nucleus catalog stretches into the 1980s.

Founded: 1969

Location: England

Website: Home-iancarrsnucleus

Oldfield, Mike

Multi-Instrumentalist, Mike.

Founded: 1953

Location: Reading, England

Website: http://www.mikeoldfield.org/


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Featuring namesake Mike Patto on vocals and Ollie Halsall on guitar along with the rhythm section of Clive Griffiths and John Halsey, Patto began when the members of Deram-signed Timebox signed with Vertigo Records. Their debut album was produced by Muff Winwood, but despite the pedigree, success would remain elusive for this blistering live act. Halsall and Patto would later form Boxer with Tony Newman and Keith Ellis, while Halsey and Halsall would become Rutles.

Founded: 1970

Location: London, England

Website: Patto and Timebox Fan Site


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Founded: 1967

Location: London, England

Peter Banks

guitar, voice

Phillips, Anthony

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Founding member and early guitarist of Genesis, Anthony Phillips began a solo career in the mid-70s. Latter work concentrated on library music and soundtracks.

Founded: 1951

Location: Putney, England

Website: The Official Anthony Phillips Website

Pink Fairies, The

Combining the talents of former Deviants Paul Rudolph, Duncan Sanderson and Russell Hunter, with John "Twink" Alder (ex Pretty Things, Tomorrow), the Pink Fairies were an underground band from London's Ladbroke Grove area. The embryonic group is associated with Twink's Think Pink album, Mick Farren's Mona The Carnivorous Circus, and Steve Peregrin Took's Shagrat. Second album featured the core of Rudolph, Sanderson and Hunter, and exemplifies their mix of boogie-rock and psychedelia.

Location: Ladbroke Grove, London, England

Website: John Twink Alder

Pink Floyd

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Perhaps Britian's finest psychedelic son, Pink Floyd became one of the world's premier rock bands by the end of the Seventies. Originally founded by acid casualty Syd Barrett, the Floyd rose to the top of the British Underground scene before guitarist Gilmour replaced an unpredictable Barret. However their extended instrumental jams, garnered further success, best trademarked by Gilmour's guitar and Water's songwriting. After the monumental "Dark Side Of The Moon" in 1973, the band released two more classics before the Water's-dominated "The Wall" in 1979, and eventual decay in the Eighties.

Founded: 1965

Location: Cambridge, England

Website: Pink Floyd Official Site


Carl Palmer's post-ELP group released one eponymous album to little acclaim.

Founded: 1980

Location: London, England