Allen, Daevid

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aka Dingo Virgin, El Alien, Bert Camembert, Zero, etc... Daevid Allen is one of the most longstanding, colorful and prolific artists of the progressive era. Leaving his native Australia in the early 1960s, Allen had already experienced the beats of Paris before arriving in Canterbury, where as luck would have it, he ended up as a border at Honor Wyatt's home. In between trips to Majorca, Spain, the Soft Machine was eventually born at the very beginning of London's underground era. Allen was left in France, but only to witness the student riots of 1968.

Founded: 1938

Location: Melborne, Australia



Sebastian Hardie

Australian progressive rock band that had some international notoriety.

Founded: 1973

Location: Sydney, Australia

Website: Sebastian Hardie


Post-Sebastian Hardie band

Founded: 1977

Location: Sydney, Australia