Genrich, Ax

Monster guitarist for Guru Guru. Also was founding member of Agitation Free.

Founded: 1945

Location: West Berlin, Germany

Website: Ax Genrich & Band

Göttsching, Manuel

One of the true pioneers of what would eventually be called techno, house, electronic etc. His work as a solo artist represents some of the most seminal works from the progressive era.

Founded: 1952

Location: Berlin, Germany

Website: Ashra - The Official Website

Grobschnitt's Solar Movie unboxing

Just received Grobschnitt's Solar Movie box set from Amazon.de. It includes two versions of their classic live tune, including the video from 1978 WDR, and a new "conceptual" film for a live version from Berlin 1978. Highly recommended!

Großkopf, Harald

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Best known for his metronomic drumming with Klaus Schulze, Wallenstein, and Ashra, Harald Großkopf is also an accomplished synthesist and world musician.

Founded: 1949

Location: Hildesheim, Germany

Website: Harald Grosskopf - The Official Website

Guru Guru

If Cream or Jimi Hendrix invented the "power trio", Germany's Guru Guru defined it on acid, offering the purest psychedlic freakouts on their early albums. Later albums, ever under the direction of Mani Neumeier, traversed all sorts of diverse music.

Founded: 1968

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Website: Guru Guru


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A collaboration between Michael Rother of Neu!, and Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius of Cluster, Harmonia released two albums for the Brain label, and a third collaboration with Brian Eno (a precursor to Cluster & Eno) was released decades later.

Founded: 1973

Location: Forst, Germany

Website: Harmonia | GROENLAND

Harmonia: The Complete Works

Teaser video from Groenland Records to celebrate the release of the career-spanning Harmonia box set.


Holger Czukay, RIP

Another member of the influential German rock band Can has passed away. Joining Michael Karoli (2001) and Jaki Liebezeit (2017), bassist and engineer Holger Czukay was reported to have been found dead in his apartment on September 5th, just weeks after the death of his wife, U-She (Ursula Kloss). RIP, Holger, Sie war ein Zauberer von Musik Maschinen.



Former Organisation member Basil Hammoudi and one-time Kraftwerk drummer Andreas Hohmann formed this group, who under the tutelage of Conny Plank, released one album before calling it quits.

Founded: 1971

Location: Rhineland, Germany


Hamburg band led by Jochen Petersen released one album of superb progressive rock.

Founded: 1971

Location: Hamburg