Wagner, Adrian

Great-great grandson of "the" Richard Wagner, Adrian Wagner was a collaborator with Robert Calvert, as well as a Charisma recording artist and inventor of the "Wasp" keyboard.

Founded: 1952

Location: Kent, United Kingdom

Website: Adrian Wagner's Home Page

Wakeman, Rick

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The silver-caped keyboardist and sometimes-comedian

Founded: 1949

Location: Perivale, Middlesex, England

Website: RWCC > Rick Wakeman's Communications Centre



Jürgen Dollase's self-proclaimed "symphonic rock orchestra". Released four interesting albums that feature the drumming of Harald Grosskopf. Later albums had great covers but are of little interest to the progressive listener.

Founded: 1971

Location: Moenchengladbach, Germany

Website: Harald Grosskopf | Wallenstein


Second of Brian Hodgon's electronic music projects.

Founded: 1976

Location: London, England

Way, Darryl

Violinist and composer for Curved Air

Founded: 1948

Location: Somerset

Website: Darryl Way


Ex-Magma, Bernard Paganotti and Patrick Gauthier's zeuhl

Founded: 1977

Location: Paris

Wetton, John

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As a bassist and vocalist, John Wetton's career took many progressive turns throughout the 70s, highlighting his hard-working journeyman spirit, winding up with the big success of Asia in the early 80s.

Founded: 1949

Location: Derby, England

Website: John Wetton's Official Website

White Noise

Largely the project of American David Vorhaus, White Noise represents some of the first releases of electronic music aimed at a commercial audience. He was joined by members of the BBC's legendary Radiophonic Workshop for their initial release on Island Records.

Founded: 1968

Location: London, England

Website: Myspace page for White Noise

White, Alan

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Alan White's career led him from John Lennon to Jon Anderson, with dozens of sessions in between.

Founded: 1949

Location: Ferryhill, County Durham, England

Website: Alan White

Who, The

From their beginnings as a r&b-influenced singles band with a Mod image, The Who quickly rose to the very top of England's rock elite by sheer virtue of their live performances. Along the way they penned many anthems that would reign in the classic rock cannon. But of interest to the progressive fan are two concept albums penned (like everything else) by guitarist Pete Townsend: 1969's Tommy and 1973's Quadrophenia. The former, very overshadowed by the bloated film version, remains a gem of the psychedelic era, while the later is in a category all by itself.

Founded: 1964

Location: London, England

Website: The Who's Official Website