Italian Prog

Cherry Five

The precursor to Goblin, Cherry Five spent time in London prior to recording their first and only album.

Founded: 1973

Location: Rome, Italy

Città Frontale

The mother of all "Neopolitan" prog bands, Città Frontale was the precursor to Osanna and Balletto di Bronzo. Their eponymous record was recorded in the mid-70s.

Founded: 1970

Location: Naples, Italy

Francesco Di Giacomo, R.I.P.

Re-posted from Greg Walker, of Synphonic:

"It is with great sadness to announce that Francesco Di Giacomo (the beloved tenor singer of Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso) passed away today from the result of a car accident. Details are sketchy about what caused the accident but it may be health related. Here is the posting on the internet and the English translation":


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Quartet from Rome, Goblin are best known for their soundtracks to Dario Argento's horror classics.

Founded: 1975

Location: Italy

Website: BackToTheGoblin Website

Goblin return to the USA in December (with Zombi)

From Zombi's tumblr site:
"Due to popular demand, our heroes Goblin* will be adding a second run of North American shows in December, and I probably don’t have to tell you how thrilled we are to be joining them for these dates. It’s been almost 7 years since our last tour of the States - hope you can make it to one of these shows.

Nov 29 Chicago, IL/ The Empty Bottle w/Taiga, Alex Barnett (no Goblin)
Nov 30 Minneapolis, MN/ The Varsity Theater
Dec 1 Milwaukee, WI/ Turner Hall
Dec 3 St. Louis, MO/ 2720 Cherokee
Dec 4 Cincinnati, OH/ Taft Theatre


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Another off-shoot of the New Trolls.

Founded: 1974

Location: Genoa, Italy

La Maschera di Cera vs Le Orme?

In somewhat of a prog first, La Maschera di Cera have released a follow-up to an absolute classic of Italian Prog, Le Orme's Felona E Sorona:

"After a decade, four successful albums and concerts played all around the globe, La Maschera di Cera close the circle proposing an album that is the sum of all the Italian Prog homage matter. The band has in fact decided to write the continuation of the “Felona and Sorona” concept (Le Orme, 1973), a record that is unanimously considered a masterpiece, as well as a milestone in the world progressive rock scene.


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Libra's beginnings were typical enough; their debut album was recorded by Claudio Fabi, in both English and Italian. But after a tour supporting Banco, they packed up and moved to Detriot, Michigan and signed with Motown Records. Strange bedfellows, indeed!

Founded: 1973

Location: Rome, Italy

Locanda Delle Fate

Latter-day symphonic band from Asti, Locanda Delle Fate ("The Fairy Inn") released one highly-regarded album.

Founded: 1976

Location: Asti, Italy

Website: La Locanda Delle Fate | STORIA

Long awaited landing of Goblin in North America

Almost 40 years removed from their debut, cult legends Goblin will launch their first ever North American tour this October. The tour will start October 1st in Atlanta and will culminate with a two night run of performances in Austin, TX at the Housecore Horror Film Festival on Oct 25 and 27.