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Flash In The USA due in September

"Restored live recordings of the classic progressive rock band Flash from the 1970s. Featuring ex-Yes guitarist Peter Banks, singer Colin Carter, bassist Ray Bennett and drummer Mike Hough, the band had three Billboard charting albums, and a top 30 single with "Small Beginnings." Across three discs, this beautifully curated set contains twenty-two tracks from seven performances, most of them previously unavailable. 32-page booklet features exclusive band interviews, unpublished photographs, and an itinerary of their tours during the golden age of rock concerts in the USA."


Colosseum Live Montreaux 1968

Review: Robert Fripp's Exposures, DGM 2022

There’s nothing that exemplifies the epic and excess of the progressive era than the Box Set. Perhaps it began with a tradition first laid down by Yes and Emerson Lake and Palmer with their opulent triple-live albums in 1973; but the multi-disc box set is also the logical conclusion of the CD reissue era. In the late 80s and early 90s it delivered the album on silver disc: no frills, not even that many words, just a shiny silver disc without crackles or pops.

Alan White, RIP

So sad to read, just days after the announcement that he would miss the UK tour this year, that Alan White has passed away today. RIP, Alan, thank you for your 50 years with Yes, and my condolences to your family.


Vangelis, RIP

“We regret to announce that the world renowned composer Vangelis has passed away on Tuesday, May 17th, late at night.”
-- From his private office

Ric Parnell, RIP

Ric Parnell, drummer for Atomic Rooster and Nova, but best known as Mick Shrimpton in Spinal Tap have passed away after an illness. Here's a tasty example of his drumming, on a track that combines the power of Mahavishnu with the swing of Earth, Wind & Fire!

Klaus Schulze, RIP

Electronic pioneer and drummer Klaus Schulze has passed away yesterday after a lengthy illness. From his drumming days with Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel, and then on to a prolific career as a pioneering electronic music artist, label owner (Innovative Communication) and collaborator, his career spanned several decades and hundreds of releases. If you do not know his music, I simply ask that you check out his 1975-released album Picture Music, a truly timeless recording of electronic music. RIP, my condolences to his family and friends.

Peter Banks Documentary update

It's still in production!

Berlin Krautrock exhibition celebrates groundbreaking genre

If you live in Berlin, don't miss this exhibition. I've just ordered the book!


Robert Fripp Exposures

The long-awaited 32-disc boxed set of Robert Fripp in the studio and in concert 1977 - 1983 will be released on 27th May 2022... Including 68 hours of Frippertronics. Oddly, I'm interested in this.