Don't Call Us - We Call You

Artist: Guru Guru
Label: Atlantic
Catalog#: ATL 50 022
Format: Vinyl
Country: Germany
Released: 1973-11
A1 Africa Steals The Show 12:26
A2 Round Dance 8:40
B1 200 Clichés 5:09
B2 Das Zwickmaschinchen 4:43
B3 Guru Guru Ltd. 11:42

Bass, Piano - Hans Hartmann
Drums, Congas, Gong, Cymbal, Vocals - Mani Neumeier
Engineer - Dave Fiddler
Engineer [Assistant] - Günter Theis
Engineer [Assistant] - Sebastian Salm
Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Vocals - Ax Genrich
Producer - Guru Guru


Recorded at Studio 70, Munich in August 1973

Strawberry Bricks Entry: 
For their fourth record, titled Guru Guru and again released on Brain, Bruno Schaab replaced Uli Trepte on bass. Transitional, the album reflects the move toward further structured arrangements, and away from the free improvisation of their earlier works. It featured the epic "Der Elektrolurch," a track named after Mani Neumeier's amphibian alter ego and a highlight of the band's live performances from here on out. Hans Hartmann then replaced Schaab, and the band signed to Atlantic Records. There was little precedent for Guru Guru's music, even by 1973's Don't Call Us, We Call You. "Africa Steals the Show" leads off, featuring a light melody and similarly plaintive guitar lines from Ax Genrich; while its second half approaches conventionality, with a piano now guiding the song. "Round Dance" is next; starting out in mildly kosmische territory, Neumeier and company break into a Shoshone dance before returning to the rock 'n' roll form of the first track. "200 Clichés" also traces rock 'n' roll, and "Das Zwickmaschinchen" ("little pincher") delivers another of the band's quirky melodies. The final track, "Guru Guru Ltd.," is an acoustic affair. Genrich's guitar work had matured from his playing on earlier records, placing him as one of Germany's finest. However, this would be his last jaunt with the band, as creative differences would become insurmountable. Genrich would eventually proffer his Highdelberg super-session with members of Kraan and Cluster in 1975.
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