Wings Of Love

Artist: Nova
Label: Arista
Catalog#: AB 4150
Format: Vinyl
Country: United States
Released: 1977
A1 You Are Light  
A2 Marshall Dillon  
A3 Blue Lake  
A4 Beauty Dream-Beauty Flame  
B1 Golden Sky Boat  
B2 Loveliness About You  
B3 Inner Star  
B4 Last Silence  

Art Direction - Howard Fritzson
Art Direction - Jerry Victor
Artwork By - Paul Maxwell
Co-producer - Corrado Rustici
Engineer - Jerry Smith
Management - Amos Levy
Management - David McKay
Management - Jerry Victor
Mastered By - Dennis King
Photography - Jonathan Malcolm-Green
Producer - Narada Michael Walden


Producer: Narda Michael Walden for Perfection Light Productions Inc.
Assistant Engineers: Colin, Neil, Steve Nigel
Direction: Amos Levy Management, Inc.
Jerry Victor, David McKay, Apple Bass, Boulder, Co., USA
Logo Art: Paul Maxwell, Ltd.
We would like to thank Narda for his assistance and care, Jerry Smith for his ever improving sound, Mark for making things smooth, Sherry and Tam for their beautiful souls, everyone at Trident.
*Everyone at Arista in London, especially Bob Buziak for his encouragement and support. Everyone at Arista in New York with special thanks to Mike Hutson, Bob Feiden, Rick Dobbis, Scot Jackson, Steve Baker, Myron Polenberg, Artie Patsiner, Howard Fritzson, Janice Whiffen, Bethany Gorfine, Bonnie Leon, Nana, and Mary. Also John Burdick at the United Bank of Boulder for his understanding.
Recorded and mixed at Trident Studios, London, June-July 1977.
Mastered at Atlantic Studios N.Y.
Mastering Engineer—Dennis King

Strawberry Bricks Entry: 
Joining Nova for their final two records were bassist Barry "SunJon" Johnson and drummer Ric Parnell, the latter previously in Atomic Rooster and Ibis (and son of the famous big bandleader Jack Parnell). The band had moved to the US, relocating first to Colorado and then on to Southern California; according to Elio D'Anna, "In England, all there were were a lot of punk bands!" Narada Michael Walden was still around, but in a different role; here, he produced Wings Of Love, which again was recorded at Trident Studios in London. "You Are Light" leads off, and talk about a change! Sung by Johnson, the track has more in common with Earth, Wind & Fire than any of the band's previous works-though I'm not complaining. Corrado Rustici still offers his blistering, fast guitar work, and the band's instrumentality retains all of its razor-sharp precision. The new slant carries on to the following track, "Marshall Dillion," with Elio D'Anna now providing some sonic icing under the funky bass and tight groove of the Johnson/Parnell rhythm section. With Rustici handling vocals, "Blue Lake" is similar to the more ethereal numbers that featured prominently on their last album. Both "Golden Sky Boat" and "Inner Star" again offer the commercial tilt, but with the band's exceptional performance underneath, who are they trying to kid? This is still world-class fusion! Just check out the electricity of "Loveliness about You." The album's compositions present a paradigm shift; but fortunately, Nova keeps the quality control high and delivers another consistent slice of vocal fusion. However, their final release, 1978's Sun City, would take the focus on vocals to an extreme and eschew instrumental tracks; and as a result, the compositions (and lyrics) slid toward funky mainstream rock. Without any chart success, the band would split, with Renato Rosset and D'Anna returning to Italy. Rustici remained in the US, earning a solid reputation as a session musician before turning to an even more rewarding career in production.
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