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Expatriate Italian fusion outfit, led by Elio D'Anna and brothers Rustici all ex Osanna. Recorded their first album at Pete Townsend's Eel Pie studios, and were joined by Percy Jones and Narada Michael Walden for their second, which saw international release. Renato Rosset, ex New Trolls Atomic System, replaced Rustici brother Danilo. For their third and fourth album, Nova picked up the rhythm section of Ric Parnell and Barry Johnson. Their high energy fusion gradually matured into some rather soulful and sophisticated pop by their final album, Sun City, released in 1978.

Founded: 1975

Location: London, England

Website: Corrado Rustici


Original Releases
Title Recording Type Datesort icon Average Rating
Strawberry Bricks Entry Blink Studio 1975-12
Strawberry Bricks Entry Vimana Studio 1976
Strawberry Bricks Entry Wings Of Love Studio 1977
  Sun City Studio 1978