Battiato, Franco

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One of the few "solo" artists from Italy, Sicilian Battiato has a long career, featuring his original and idiosyncratic music. His first two albums should appeal most to progressive music fans, however Sulle Corde di Aries and Clic are even more rewarding; Battiato employs musique concrete techniques to create a unique pastiche. The pair were compiled for international release by Island in 1974. At the time, Battiato performed as series of concerts in London, however an auto accident brought a premature return to Italy. Later albums had more to do with 20th Century minimalists, and an acknowledged influence of Stockhausen. Battiato changed musical course at the end of the 70s, which brought him into the Italian charts.

Founded: 1945

Location: Jonia, Catania, Sicily

Website: Franco Battiato | Official Website


Original Releases
Title Recording Type Datesort icon Average Rating
  Fetus Studio 1971
Strawberry Bricks Entry Pollution Studio 1972
  Sulle Corde Di Aries Studio 1973-09
  Clic Studio 1974
Strawberry Bricks Entry Clic Studio 1974-09
  M.elle Le "Gladiator" Studio 1975
Compilations, Reissues, etc.
Title Recording Type Datesort icon Average Rating
  Foetus Reissue 1999