Band/Artist Bio
Pembroke, Jim

After emigrating to Finland in 1965, Jim Pembroke became a fixture of the Finnish progressive scene with Blues Section and then Wigwam, and his own underrated solo career.

Pohjola, Pekka

Bassist for Wigwam, his solo albums showcase his compositional skills. Worked with Mike Oldfield.

Tasavallan Presidentti

Founded by guitarist Jukka Tolonen and drummer Vesa Aaltonen, and Frank Robson and Mans Groundstroem from Blues Section in 1969, their early albums bear some Colosseum, Traffic or Jethro Tull due to the strong English vocals of Robson, but the addition of vocalist Eero Raittinen in 1972 turned the band towards a more original direction, evidenced on the classic Lambertland. Their final album, Milky Way Moses, saw release in the US on Janus Records.

Tolonen, Jukka

Finnish guitarist and founder of Tasavallan Presidentti


Finland's world-class progressive rock band featured Englishman Jim Pembroke. Wigwam eventually signed to Virgin Records.