Name Foundedsort icon Country
Roxy Music 1970 Though definitely a glam band at heart, Roxy Music served as a training ground and employer of many "progressive" musicians. United Kingdom
Faust 1970 German for "fist", Faust were pioneers in the studio. After two albums for Polydor, they signed with the fledgling Virgin label. Priced as a single, The Faust Tapes album sold a staggering 50,000 + copies - amazing... Germany
Kraftwerk 1970 From early free-form improvisation to the perfection of electro-pop, Kraftwerk reign as one of the most musically influential groups from the 70s. However, the Ralf & Florian and Autobahn era should appeal to most... Germany
Grobschnitt 1970 Germany
Kraan 1970 Happiest band from Germany. When will the "jam band" audience find them? Germany
Quiet Sun 1970 United Kingdom
Popol Vuh 1970 Founded by Florian Fricke, Popol Vuh represents one of the earliest examples of spirituality in music that would later define "new age" music in the 80s. This however, is the real thing. Fricke also composed soundtracks... Germany
Ash Ra Tempel 1970 One of the earliest krautrock groups, featuring guitarist Manuel Göttsching, Klaus Schulze on drums and bassist Hartmut Enke. Think album side-long psychedelic jams of the highest order... Germany
Città Frontale 1970 The mother of all "Neopolitan" prog bands, Città Frontale was the precursor to Osanna and Balletto di Bronzo. Their eponymous record was recorded in the mid-70s. Italy
T.2. 1970 Prog trio featuring guitarist Keith Cross, bassist Bernard Jinks and drummer Peter Dunton released one much hearlded album for Deram in 1970, but broke up due to internal strife. Members were previously in Bulldog Breed... United Kingdom
Semiramis 1970 Hailing from Rome, Semiramis included the Zarrillo brothers Maurizio and Michele (just teenagers), and got their start at the Villa Pamphili pop festival in 1972. They released one album before breaking up. Italy
Carmen 1970 This flamenco-rock band featured the talent of David Allen, and a pre-Jethro Tull John Glascock on bass. United States
Lard Free 1970 Founded by drummer Gilbert Artman, Lard Free was similar to Richard Pinhas' Heldon; French, unconventional, experimental, but, incredulously, a rock band. Later albums would draw parallels to the cosmic side of the... France
Patto 1970 Featuring namesake Mike Patto on vocals and Ollie Halsall on guitar along with the rhythm section of Clive Griffiths and John Halsey, Patto began when the members of Deram-signed Timebox signed with Vertigo Records.... United Kingdom
Frumpy 1970 Hamburg's finest, Inga Rumpf, Jean-Jacques Kravetz, Carsten Bohn, and Karl-Heinz Schott, blazed as Frumpy before morphing into Atlantis. Germany
Eiliff 1970 Germany
Brainstorm 1970 Hailing from Baden Baden, Brainstorm featured the talents of future Guru Guru man Roland Schaeffer. Germany
Lucifer's Friend 1970 Ostensibly a studio group, Lucifer's Friend debut album is a standard of heavy rock for the 70s, while their second effort is there most progressive. Later albums drifted towards hard rock. Germany
Jane 1970 One of Germany's most idiosyncratic rock bands, the slow burn rock of Jane remained a constant through most of their career. Germany
Jackson Heights 1970 Lee Jackson's post-Nice, pre-Refugee band. United Kingdom
Brian Davison's Every Which Way 1970 Ex-Nice, Pre-Refugee Brian Davison's band with singer Graham Bell. United Kingdom
Fotheringay 1970 Sandy Denny's post-Fairport group, with future husband Trevor Lucas. United Kingdom
Stud 1970 Former Taste members Charlie McCracken and John Wilson joined up with ex-Family guitarist Jim Cregan, and later John Weider. United Kingdom
Centipede 1970 Founded by Keith Tippet, Centipede were a large ensemble, purpose built for success! United Kingdom
Wallenstein 1971 Jürgen Dollase's self-proclaimed "symphonic rock orchestra". Released four interesting albums that feature the drumming of Harald Grosskopf. Later albums had great covers but are of little interest to the progressive... Germany
A.R. & Machines 1971 Originally in the Rattles, Achim Reichel ventured into progressive territories with his trademark echo-guitar. Germany
Kingdom Come 1971 Arthur Brown's post-Crazy World band. Third album made early use of drum machines. United Kingdom
Mahavishnu Orchestra 1971 Founded by guitarist John McLaughlin after his stint with Tony Williams Lifetime, Mahavishnu were perhaps the most successful fusion band, both artistically and commercially. United States
Khan 1971 Steve Hillage's first group following his completion of studies at Canterbury. Second incarnation with Dave Stewart never recorded (he guested on their only record). United Kingdom
Matching Mole 1971 Wyatt's post-Soft Machine band United Kingdom
Manfred Mann's Earth Band 1971 South African-born Manfred Mann had a series of pop hits in the UK during the 60s. After a brief spell in the jazz-oriented Chapter Three (with Mike Hugg), Mann formed his progressive rock outfit, the Earth Band. United Kingdom
Novalis 1971 One of Germany's first rock bands to sing exclusively in their native language. Albums were produced by Achim Reichel. Germany
Osanna 1971 Another of Italy's legendary progressive groups, the band featured Danilo Rustici and Elio D'Anna. Italy
Camel 1971 United Kingdom
Gryphon 1971 United Kingdom
Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso 1971 One of the great (and original) Italian prog bands, propelled by the keyboards of brothers Noncenzi and the tenor voice of Di Giacomo. Italy
Passport 1971 Klaus Doldinger's fusion outfit, heralding some of Germany's finest musicians, including drummer Curt Cress. Germany
Badger 1971 Ex Yes members featured in the first incarnation of the band. Their debut album, recorded live while supporting Yes, has a slight christian slant to the lyrics. Second album saw the arrival of Jackie Lomax. Recorded in... United Kingdom
Dashiel Hedayat 1971 Album from Jack-Alain Leger featured most of Gong, circa 1971. France
Fields 1971 Graham Field fronted this band after he left Rare Bird, with ex-King Crimson Andy McCulloch holding the drum stool. Second album was recorded but left in the vaults. United Kingdom
Perigeo, Il 1971 Hailing from Rome, Perigeo was one of Italy's finest fusion bands. Italy
Latte E Miele 1971 Classically-inspired prog trio from Genoa. Italy
SBB 1971 Led by Józef Skrzek, SBB were first known as Silesian Blues Band, and later as Szukaj, Burz, Buduj (Polish for "Search, Break up, Build"). SBB were Poland's progressive rock band. Poland
Rovescio Della Madaglia, Il 1971 RDM were pioneers in combining classical music with rock music. Their album "Contaminzione" also saw an English-language release in the US. Italy
Hard Stuff 1971 John Du Cann and Paul Hammond's post-Atomic Rooster band, with John Gustafson, ex-Quatermass. United Kingdom
Acqua Fragile 1971 Hailing from Parma, Acqua Fragile were a British-inspired progressive rock band, complete with English-language lyrics. Aided by PFM's management, the band opened for many UK groups touring Italy. Their second album saw... Italy
Morgan 1971 Featuring the musical talents of Morgan Fischer, many of the members were previously in the British pop band Love Affair, who had a #1 hit in 1968 with "Everlasting Love". Switching gears to the progressive in the early... United Kingdom
Samurai 1971 Led by Dave Lawson, the reminants of Web were rechristened for one eponymous album, a classic of the era. United Kingdom
Neu! 1971 Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger left Kraftwerk in 1971 to form Neu!, releasing three albums before splitting ways, and giving us one of the most original and recognizable beats in rock music. Germany
Cluster 1971 Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius parted ways with Conrad Schnitzler to form Cluster in 1971. Their improvised music proved ground breaking in terms of structure and timbre, mostly composed by treated... Germany